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ImageGear Professional

by Accusoft

AccuSoft® ImageGear® Professional software is the industry standard to build, create, and deliver fast, high-quality imaging applications. Develop with over 1,500 built-in imaging functions ? display RAW camera files, read multimedia streams, and manipulate large data sets ? all in an easy to use toolkit package.

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ImageGear Toolkit Family

What to you need to do? ImageGear
for .NET
Create DLL Imaging Applications yes yes yes  
Create ActiveX Imaging Applications yes yes yes  
Create .NET Framework Imaging Applications     yes
Create Web-based Client/Server Applications   yes   yes
Create Java-based Applications yes yes yes
Recognition (OCR/Barcode/ICR*/OMR*) functions yes yes yes yes
Create Applications on Multiple OS Platforms   yes    
JPEG2000 Support yes yes yes yes
TWAIN Scanning yes yes yes yes
Reading/Writing of PDF Documents yes yes yes  yes*
AccuSoft Image Guarantee™ yes yes yes yes
Image Processing Tools yes yes yes yes
Multimedia Tools yes yes yes  
Annotation Tools yes yes yes  yes
Native Handling of Bit-depths and Color Spaces yes yes yes yes
Support for 50+ Raw Camera Files


yes yes  
Automatic Conversion between Color Spaces and Depths yes yes yes yes
Medical Imaging (DICOM format)     yes  
Window Leveling     yes  
Access to Low-level Pixel Data yes yes yes yes
Callback Functions for Load/Save/Print/Process yes yes yes  
Image Loading and Saving to/from File System, Data Stream, Memory or URL yes yes yes yes
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ImageGear Toolkit Family
ImageGear Datasheet
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» ImageGear Toolkit Family
» ImageGear Datasheet