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by ScanEX

ScanMagic is an easy-to-use and powerful software for viewing, analyzing and processing remote sensing (RS) data. In most cases ScanMagic allow to create finished remote sensing products cost-effectively without involving additional software tools. The complete functionality and unique features of ScanMagic allow to process RS data in near-real time (NRT).

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ScanMagic utilizes efficient innovative techniques of image processing. On-the-fly spooling allow to open images of up to 4 GB in size instantly and provides analyzing that large data volume in real-time viewing mode. On-the-fly processing (for example, image re-projection on–the-fly) allow to change data processing parameters repeatedly and visual estimating of the result in real-time.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Windows based multi-document user interface
  • An all-in-one package with easy-to-use interface
  • Well balanced, operative and intuitive software
  • Familiar and configurable GUI
  • Setting preferences

Import Images

  • Importing more than 60 generic/GIS/RS image formats
  • Image type auto detecting while importing
  • Direct access to any raster data formats without conversion
  • Immediate opening images independently from their size
  • Opening many images at once without memory overflow
  • Supporting generic RAW binary format with manual definition
  • Recent list of files accessed

Export Images

  • Image exporting to many generic/GIS/RS image formats
  • Supporting export to COTS GIS and RS packages, including ESRI, ENVI, ERDAS, PCI, ERMAPPER, etc
  • Exporting compressed data formats (e.g. JPEG2000, ECW)
  • Supporting spatial and spectral subset while exporting images
  • Exporting images with custom histogram stretching
  • Generating Quick Look and Meta Data files

Print Images

  • Common tools for preparing and printing images
  • Adjusting printer and page parameters
  • Header and Footer editing
  • Print preview

Image Manager

  • User-friendly file manipulation tool for intuitive browsing and product selection
  • Attribute-based and list-form review of images from disc
  • Viewing image location on the world map
  • Customize reference map and projection
  • Display selected images and image selection on a map
  • Direct opening images from list or map
  • Handy choosing and deleting images from disc

Image Analysis

  • Getting image information
  • Measurement tools in real-time cursor movement
  • Planar coordinates and pixel value displaying in real-time
  • Real-time geographic and cartographic coordinates displaying
  • Real-time sun azimuth and elevation calculation for any pixel
  • Displaying parameters of selected fragment
  • Measuring distances

Image Vizualization

  • Real-time displaying images of size up to 4 GB with radiometric resolution up to 16 bit
  • RGB color composite viewing
  • Grayscale channel-by-channel viewing
  • Pseudo color viewing and color table editing
  • Easy image zooming and scrolling
  • Zoom In/Out/ToWidth/ToHeight/Actual/Rectangle
  • Supporting Undo (Previous Zoom command)
  • Handy Zoom Bar for easy changing the zoom level
  • Effective Pan mode (free image scroll by mouse drag)
  • Flexible Navigate tool (scroll/zoom window)
  • Automatic path along scrolling

Image Enhancement

  • Contrast/Brightness enhancement
  • Quick Enhance (Easy Contrast)
  • Graphical histogram contrast adjustment tool
  • Linear and nonlinear contrast enhancement
  • Min-max linear contrast stretch
  • Percentage linear contrast stretch
  • Histogram equalization
  • On-the-fly algorithms of image processing
  • Spatial enhancement (e.g. noise filtering)
  • Satellite instrument processing
  • Generation of value added products.
  • Resolution Merge (Image Fusion) with Brovey, HLS and Arithmetic Transformation methods.
  • Merging Radar with VIS/IR Imagery
  • Satellite based specific radiometric correction

Overlaying Vector Maps

  • Fast overlaying vector data on image
  • Extra speed while overlaying ESRI DCW data
  • Supporting prevalent vector formats, including ArcInfo Coverage, ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MIF/MID, MapInfo TAB, Microstation DGN
  • Multiple-vector overlaying
  • On-the-fly map re-projection
  • Supporting points, lines and polygons
  • Customizing size and color of vector objects
  • Point-and-click getting attributes of map objects

Geographic Location

  • Automatic geographic and cartographic location of RS and GIS images while opening
  • Supporting georeference file formats (e.g. ESRI World File, MapInfo Tab File, WKT)
  • Universal Orbit/Sensor Model for easy georeferencing of remote sensing images from any generic format
  • Manual georeferencing for any raster data
  • Satellite trajectory information extraction from NORAD TLE files
  • Easy adjustment for satellite position and orientation
  • Ground Control Points (GCP) rectification
  • Graphical selection of GCPs with automatic coordinate conversion
  • GCP editor with import and export capability

Geometric correction

  • On-the-fly technology using while geometric correction
  • Image transformation into user-defined map projection
  • Over 70 map projections, 40 ellipsoids and 200 datums
  • Over 2000 prepared EPSG coordinate systems
  • User-defined projections, coordinate systems, ellipsoids and datums.
  • ROI selection
  • Image-to-map and image-to-image rectification
  • On-the-fly image re-projection
  • Affine and Polynomial (up to 5th) transformation
  • Image resampling to coordinate system: Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, Cubic Convolution
  • User-defined pixel size and geographic subset
  • Up to 255 channels for output cartographic product
  • GCP selection from image, vector map and user input
  • Any spatial and spectral image mosaicking
  • Image mosaicking with manual color balancing
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