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Collect Pro

de Labtronics

El programa Collect Pro proporciona una interfaz directa entre instrumentos y Excel® y/o aplicaciones de bases de datos como LIMS. El software permite controlar procedimientos de análisis, interrogar al usuario y actuar como interfaz de múltiples instrumentos de manera simultánea y en un mismo PC, mientras el usuario trabaja en otras aplicaciones durante la captura de datos.

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Add Powerful Instrument Interfacing and Control to Excel®
Collect Pro combines the power of Excel® with an easy to use data collection, instrument control and database communications engine. It allows Excel® to run automated procedures and control a wide range of tests that use RS232 - serial or TCP/IP instruments and devices.

Through a direct interface, the Collect Pro software does not rely on older keyboard wedge or DDE technology to allow for multi-tasking during data collection and database communications.

Using the familiar Excel® platform and your existing Excel® templates as the data reduction and graphing engine, the following is just a sample list of what Collect Pro can do for you. Combine any or all of these into an automation process that meets your testing requirements.

  • Display messages to the user to request information (i.e. password)
  • Start, stop and control instruments
  • Combine several instruments to work as an integrated workstation
  • Automatically check results and cause equipment to take action
  • Collect data over the network from a remote site
  • Print collected data to bar code labels
  • Write data to an ASCII file for use by other applications
  • Read files and transfer the data to Excel®
  • Control RS232 and TCP/IP instruments
  • Monitor instruments over the internet
  • Automatically trigger Excel® macros, based on results
  • Display instructions to lead a user through a manual process (control the SOP)
  • Carry out actions at timed intervals
  • Graph results gathered over time
  • Read and write directly with any Access®, Oracle® and SQL Server® database such as LIMS
  • Start and run any other program
  • Work in other programs at the same time with Collect Pro running the analysis for you.

It includes free Analyze XLerator Methods Library CD to automate weighing applications such as Total Solids, Total Volatiles, Total Metals,Counting, Check, Content Uniformity, Loss on Drying, Seiving, Density, Mass Difference, pH, ISE, EC analysis, 5-day BOD test, TOC Atomic Absorption, Colorimetry and more.

Collect Pro has been designed to be ?network friendly? and is able to communicate using the network communication protocol, TCP/IP. This allows the program to collect data and control instruments anywhere on the network, even over the internet.

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