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Analyze Xlerator

de Labtronics

Analyze XLerator combina la potencia de Excel® con una interfaz instrumental y un motor de comunicaciones con bases de datos para automatizar cualquier procedimiento analítico que utilice instrumentos RS232 o TCP/IP, incluyendo los métodos estándar ASTM y EPA, o procedimientos de análisis propios.

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Add Powerful Instrument Interfacing and Analysis Automation to Excel®

Every day, valuable time is spent looking up how to run an analysis procedure, entering sample test results from simple instruments and manual tests into Excel®, LIMS and other database applications. This manual data entry is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Unnecessary time and resources are spent double checking data entry, tracking down errors and looking for results that didn?t get entered.

Automating both the data entry and the processes that generate the data will dramatically improve your testing efficiency, accuracy and the job satisfaction for technicians. Using the Collect Pro software and Analyze XLerator Methods CD, the software can automate any analytical procedure that uses RS232 or TCP/IP instruments, including ASTM and EPA Standard Methods or custom analysis procedures.

Analysis Automation
Analyze XLerator combines the power of Excel® with an easy to use instrument interface and database communications engine.

  • Contains an instrument library of hundreds of pre-configured RS232 instrument interfaces to easily create interfaces to your method templates.
  • Includes an Applications library of Excel® templates for ASTM and EPA Standard Methods. If your methods aren?t included, we can create them or you can use your existing Excel® templates for that analysis.
  • Ensure your testing procedures are meeting the latest ASTM or EPA Standard Method guidelines.
  • Utilize the full data reduction and graphing capabilities of Excel®, the most widely used spreadsheet platform for data analysis.
  • Supports bi-directional communication with any RS232 and TCP/IP instruments to automate data collection and eliminate manual recording of results.
  • Controls I/O lines (turn switches, valves, lights, alarms, etc.)
  • Combines multiple RS232/serial devices into a single experiment method template.
  • Supports bi-directional communication with any ODBC compatible database such as LIMS, Access®, MySQL, Oracle® or SQL Server®
  • Automate alkalinity, pH, ISE, BOD analysis, colorimetry, any weighing application, force and stress testing and much, much more?

Give your lab a common platform for many analyses that is fully configurable to meet your analysis automation needs.

The Power of Analyze XLerator
The following is just a sample list of what Analyze XLerator can do for you. Use any or all of these to create an automation process that meets your specific requirements.

  • Request information (i.e. User Name)
  • Display messages to the user (i.e. the amount of reagent to be added to a sample)
  • Retrieve a worklist of pending samples directly from a database, LIMS or file
  • Print collected data to bar code labels
  • Start, stop and control any RS232 or TCP/IP capable device such as spectrophotometers, balances, pH/ISE/EC meters, titrators, force gauges, DO meters, environmental data loggers, etc.
  • Combine several instruments to work as an integrated analysis workstation
  • Carry out actions at timed intervals
  • Automatically check results and trigger equipment to take action
  • Collect data over the network from remote locations
  • Report Excel® reduced data to any database, printer or file
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