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Field Precision Toolkits

de Field Precision, Inc.

Conjunto de paquetes preconfigurados de las más populares aplicaciones de Field Precision, incluyendo soluciones 2D/3D.

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Save money on preconfigured packages for popular Field Precision applications. The 2D programs handle systems with cylindrical or planar symmetry, while the advanced design suites offer you the ultimate in 2D/3D computing power at substantial savings.

Static field analysis toolkit
Comprehensive package for electrostatics and magnetostatics. Regions in electric field solutions may represent electrodes, dielectrics, conductors or space-charge. Magnetic field program handles coils and non-linear magnetic materials.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, BStat 5.0
Electromagnetics toolkit
Versatile package for frequency- and time-domain electromagentic simulations. Resonators, scattering, EM interference, pulsed-power devices,...
Includes Mesh 5.0, WaveSim 5.0, EMP 5.0
Universal magnetic toolkit
This package handles the complete range of magnetic field solutions including permanent magnets and pulsed or harmonic fields with eddy currents.
Includes Mesh 5.0, BStat 5.0, PerMag 5.0, Pulse 5.0 and Nelson 5.0
Trak charged-particle toolkit
The Trak package has become the world standard for electron/ion gun design and simulations of charged-particle devices.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, BStat 5.0, PerMag 5.0 and Trak 6.0
Advanced electrostatics design suite
The complete tool for researchers and high-voltage engineers. 2D/3D solutions for abitrary geometries of electrodes, dielectrics, conductors or space- charge.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, MetaMesh and HiPhi
Advanced magnetostatics design suite
2D/3D design of magnets and permanent-magnet devices. The current version of Magnum handles linear ferromagnetic materials and straight-line permanent magnet materials.
Includes Mesh 5.0, BStat 5.0, PerMag 5.0 MetaMesh and Magnum
Advanced charged-particle design suite
The most advanced 2D/3D tools available today for simulations of electron/ion guns and charged-particle devices. Handles Child emission, multi- species flow, field emission, relativistic beams, secondary emission, and more.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, BStat 5.0, PerMag 5.0, Trak 6.0, MetaMesh, HiPhi, Magnum and OmniTrak
Radiation-transport Design Suite
GamBet is an innovative approach to 2D/3D Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transport in matter. The unitized code suite handles the full range of electron/photon/positron interactions with high accuracy. GamBet can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an extension to Trak and OmniTrak. Applications include X-ray targets, electron-beam heating, radiographic imaging, positron physics, radiation therapy research and shielding design.
Includes GamBet, Mesh 5.0, MetaMesh
Advanced thermal design suite
2D/3D thermal transport in solids and biological media. Features: static or dynamic solutions, radiation boundaries, temperature-dependent materials, arbitrary source and fixed-temperature waveforms and more.
Includes Mesh 5.0, TDiff 5.0, MetaMesh and HeatWave
Advanced Radiation-transport Design Suite
Complete tool for calculations of static and RF electric fields in dielectric media with non-zero conductivity. Applications to medical treatments and RF processing of materials.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, PAC 5.0 MetaMesh, HiPhi and RFE3
Advanced IMS (ion-mobility spectrometry) design suite
Complete package for the simulation of ion-mobility mass spectrometers. Functions include electrostatic field calculations for any 2D/3D system of electrodes and dielectrics, precision field-line tracing and calculation of ion transit times. Advanced features included automatic initiation of large sets of ion trajectories from arbitrary surfaces.
Includes Mesh 5.0, EStat 5.0, Trak 6.0, MetaMesh, HiPhi and OmniTrak
Advanced shock-hydrodynamics design suite
KB is a comprehensive package of programs, documents and reference materials for 1D/2D simulations of shock hydrodynamics and detonations. The programs have applications to high-pressure shock research, personnel protection, and the design of precision high- explosive assemblies.
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