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by Cimmetry Systems

AutoVue is a versatile application that provides you with a single uniform interface, and one comprehensive set of tools with which you can natively view print and convert your various electronic documents.

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AutoVue is a versatile application that provides you with a single uniform interface, and one comprehensive set of tools with which you can natively view print and convert your various electronic documents. AutoVue allows you to work directly with documents in hundreds of different file formats without the authoring applications, while fully preserving the original document's integrity (you cannot edit or modify a document without the authoring application).

AutoVue is available in both Desktop and Client-Server Editions. The features and format support are virtually identical for both platforms.

With support for hundreds of popular Engineering and Business document formats, an intuitive user interface, and feature-rich functionality, AutoVue is the top choice for thousands of companies, organizations, and professionals worldwide.

Some of the popular formats supported are AutoCAD, MicroStation, HPGL, HPGL/2, CALS G4, CGM, ME10, PDF, MS Word, Excel, TIFF, WordPerfect, Lotus 123 and many more.

AutoVue is available in several languages including: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.


  • Overlay drawings
  • Text search through all files, including CAD files
  • Zoom, pan, rotate, flip, and enhance images
  • Bird's eye, Spyglass, Spy Window
  • Select layers, blocks, Xrefs / Reference files and named views.
  • Compare files visually
  • Access CAD drawing information including entity handles, placements, attributes...
  • Word processor formats: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Ami Pro, Wordstar...
  • Spreadsheet formats: Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro...
  • Database formats: Fox/dBase, Paradox, DataEase...
  • Graphics: GIF, CorelDRAW, JPEG, PCX Targa, WMF, WPG, PIC...
  • Archived formats: ZIP, TAR, RAR, GZip...
  • Word processor features include: fonts, paragraphs, tabs, colors, tables, frames
  • OLE objects, multi-columns, headers/footers, embedded graphics
  • Spreadsheet features include: fonts, embedded graphics, columns and rows resizing, text overflow, OLE objects...
  • Compound document support
  • Text search, zoom in/out, and more...
  • Automatic file recognition independently of the file extension
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User defined menu items
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Dockable toolbars
  • Fully interruptible for maximum speed
  • Mail support
  • OLE compliant application.
  • Extensive clipboard operations.
  • Right mouse button activated menus.
  • Print or plot to any Windows supported printer or plotter.
  • Print the displayed area, the extent of a drawing or select a scale.
  • Print preview - see results before generating actual printout.
  • Print page ranges, via dialog box or via command line option.
  • Add headers or footers, select what to print: file name, date, time etc.
  • Add Watermarks
  • Add Graphics stamps
  • Batch print

Drawing Compare is a very useful feature which automatically performs a graphical comparison of similar drawings, e.g. different revisions of a drawing. The drawings you want to compare are displayed in separate windows, and the results of the comparison are shown in a third window.


Drawing compare can display Entities that are unchanged, display Entities that are added, and display Entities that are removed between drawings. The new revision changes are color coded in the comparison window so that you can quickly and clearly see exactly what has changed.
  • Zoom / pan into any drawings, or their compare results. The action will display in all windows at the same time - all your views will be synchronized.
  • Print / plot to any Windows supported printer or plotter
  • Use print preview to view the print result on screen
  • Print display or extents of a file.
  • Print ranges, via dialog box or via command line option
  • Add headers, footers and margins before printing.
  • Watermarks
  • Stamps
  • Batch print files

Locate the documents in your directories fast. A thumbnail is a miniature representation of a graphics document. Nothing could be easier than checking through thumbnails to find documents stored in your directory. You can create thumbnails to suit your needs, and set their size as you like. Use them to quickly look through the drawings in your directory. Find the thumbnail of the document you need - double click on it - and AutoVue will instantly display the full drawing.

Note: The thumbnail feature is only available in the desktop version of AutoVue.

  • Scan in documents within AutoVue
  • AutoVue supports large number of scanners through the industry standard TWAIN interface.
  • Save scanned documents in many formats, TIFF, BMP etc...


Convert document types that are supported by AutoVue to several popular graphics formats. This is useful to create renditions of documents in industry standard formats, such as TIFF.
You can also use the conversion feature to create thumbnails for use with your own file management application.


Add your own tools to optimize AutoVue's functionality to fit your precise needs. Tools can be an AutoVue script, a DDE server to control another application, or a separate application. To create your own tools, you simply provide a name for each tool, and then define the tool. The names of the tools will automatically be added to the Tool menu option. To use the tool, you simply select it in the menu and click on it.


To integrate AutoVue with other applications (through scripting, DDE, DLL) use AutoVue's comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface). This allows you to transparently integrate AutoVue's viewing functionality within your application. Integrate with PLM, PDM, EDM, ERP, CMMS, imaging, or workflow systems through this very robust API.

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