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GINO Bundle

by Bradly Associates

A bundle consisting of GINO, GINOGRAF, GINOSURF and GINOMENU.

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Complete Graphics Development

The GINO Bundle consists of four GINO modules: GINO, GINOMENU, GINOGRAF and GINOSURF. Combined, the bundle provides an extensive library of over 700 software routines for developing GUI and graphics data presentations and integrating them with existing applications.

GINO bundle is used in industries as varied as aerospace, defence, education, research, oil, gas and water. From simple 2D graphs to complex 3D visualisations, GINO-F bundle covers a wide range of graphics requirements including CAD/CAM, statistical analysis, architectural design and presentation graphics.

GINO in use at CDI Marine Systems

Unlike some other popular graphics libraries that just provide 2D graphing and 3D surfing capabilities, GINO Bundle provides low-level functions for producing general purpose vector and raster graphic applications.

GINO Bundle includes full OpenGL functionality such as 3D facets, bezier surfaces and built-in objects such as cubes, cones, spheres and volumes. These can then be viewed and manipulated in 3D and enhanced with a full lighting and shading model, materials, fog and texture mapping.

Metafile output includes JPEG, PNG, CGM, Postscript and WMF, and under UNIX, further optional drivers can be supplied for all major graphics protocols.


  • Available for Fortran, C/C++, Delphi, VB, .NET
  • Create simple line drawings or complex visualizations
  • Very easy to use
  • Extensive printed and on-line documentation


  • Graph formats such as line, curve, bar, step, and histogram
  • 3D data display in the form of contours, surfaces and cross-sections
  • Fully-featured GUI module for creating all the standard Windows widgets
  • line, arc and curve drawing
  • polygonal masking and windowing
  • simple and complex polygon filling
  • image handling
  • interactive control
  • viewports
  • hardware/software segment structures
  • transformations and viewing
  • high quality polygonal-filled fonts
  • Use of internal device drivers or hardware (Windows) drivers
  • metafile output: jpeg, cgm, png, Postscript, wmf, bmp

GINO in use at Lotus Engineering

GINO Bundle is available for the following systems:

Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Absoft Pro Lahey LF90/95 Compaq Visual Fortran
Intel Visual Fortran Salford FTN95

Visual C/C++ Borland C Absoft C

Delphi Visual Basic

J#.NET Salford FTN95 .NET Lahey LF.NET
Absoft Pro GNU g77 GNU cc
Intel Lahey LF95 PGI

Compaq Alpha (OpenVMS)
Digital VAX (OpenVMS)
IBM RS/6000 (AIX)
Silicon Graphics (IRIX)
Sun Sparc (Solaris)
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