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by Integrated Engineering Software

AMPERES is an easy-to-use 3D magnetic field solver for applications like clutches, solenoids, motors, sensors, actuators, loudspeakers, transformers, magnetic shielding, circuit breakers and fuel injectors. Fast and accurate, AMPERES calculates force, torque, flux linkage and inductance.

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AMPERES, a three-dimensional magnetostatic field solver from Integrated Engineering Software delivers superior design capabilities in one fully-integrated package. AMPERES greatly expands your design potential and allows you the ability to simulate and optimize electromagnetic components and systems before the manufacturing stage. This means significant cost savings, faster to market times and reduced prototype costs. AMPERES makes use of our innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology, recognized as the most powerful and efficient approach for electromagnetic design and analysis.

Design engineers depend on AMPERES for the design and analysis of magnetic equipment and components, which incorporate linear, non-linear, and permanent magnet materials, including:

  • magnetizing fixtures
  • permanent magnet assemblies
  • circuit breakers
  • recording heads and reclosures
  • electric (AC/DC) motors
  • magnetic shielding
  • cyclotrons, solenoids and transformers
  • magnetic levitation and bearing systems
  • sensors and magnetic instrumentation

Quick, productive...up and running in no time
AMPERES maximizes productivity by allowing for the simulation of virtual prototypes on the computer. AMPERES significantly reduces design and prototype costs and provides engineers far greater insight into design optimization and verification.

As easy as one, two, three
AMPERES provides fast accurate results, exact modeling of boundaries and easy analysis of open region problems. No Finite Element Mesh (FEM) is required. AMPERES delivers a powerful, easy-to-use design and analysis tool right to your desktop. AMPERES goes to work in just three easy steps.

  1. Create your design through our geometric modeler or import from your CAD program.
  2. Assign the physical attributes of the model.
  3. Analyze the model, display the results and optimize for performance.

Advanced technical features

  • Intuitive and structured tool-bar interface maximizes productivity for experts and beginners
  • Static and phasor analysis modes
  • Simulation of non-linear and permanent magnet materials
  • Simulation of lossy magnetic materials
  • Force, torque, flux linkage and inductance calculation
  • Periodic and symmetry features minimize modeling and solution time
  • A variety of display forms for plotting scalar and vector field quantities including, graphs, contour plots, arrow plots, color maps and vector loci plots
  • High quality graphics and text utility for preparation of reports and presentations
  • Data exportable to formatted files for integration with spreadsheets and other software packages
  • Batch function allows unattended solution of multiple files
  • Powerful parametric feature allows definition of variable parameters to be stepped through allowing the analysis of multiple "what-if" scenarios and facilitating design optimization
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