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Altia Design (Virtual Prototyping)

by Altia

Altia Design is an authoring environment used to build custom interactive graphics, reusable user interface objects, virtual product prototypes and deployable embedded GUIs.

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Embedded graphics development has traditionally been a programming task. Today's feature rich embedded systems, however, require powerful graphics development tools. Altia Design is such a tool. Altia Design shifts the graphics development process from hand coding to interactive graphics editing. Because it's a graphics editor, Graphics Artists, Systems Engineers and Programmers can effectively use it. As a result, you get high performance, professional looking prototypes and GUIs without the time-consuming task of building graphics one line of code at a time. This saves your programmers for what they do best, building complex application code and getting it to run on custom hardware.

Altia Design is the center of all your graphics development. Anything built in Altia Design can be used during all stages of the embedded development process.

  Altia Design output can be used as a:
  • Fully functional, interactive, stand-alone virtual prototype
  • Front-end to a simulation model
  • Software GUI connected to application code
  • Web based demonstration of a new product
  • Deployable graphics program for your embedded system

Altia Design is not just a set of pre-built components that you drag and drop. Altia Design employs an innovative method of describing animation, stimulus and behavior without programming. This gives you the ability to create the exact look and feel that makes your product unique. Altia's interactive prototypes give the customer, Marketing, Human Factors, System Engineering and Software Developers a complete model of the intended product. Product specifications and changes are easy to implement and verify.

Altia Design is used from product concept to code deployment and beyond. Our customers include Altia designs with their product proposals. They win more business and garner support within their own organization. Altia designs can be easily distributed with our runtime engines and web plug-ins. The same graphics that were used to win the business can now be used to develop the product.

Human Factors can easily test the human machine interface while System Engineering uses the Altia design with their simulation and modeling tools. After development, Altia designs can be used with our DeepScreen code generator to produce the final code that is deployed in the product. And it does not stop there. The designs can be used in interactive training programs or put on the web for sales and marketing.

With Altia Design you can:

  • Quickly prototype new product concepts
  • Animate graphics and create behavior without graphics programming
  • Build reusable library components
  • Distribute your prototype to others for feedback with royalty free runtimes
  • Post your prototypes on the web with our free web plug-in
  • Build display graphics that can be turned into deployable code
  • Meet aggressive schedules without compromising looks and performance


Development OS

  • Windows, NT, ME, 2000, XP
  • Unix, Sun, HP, SGI
  • Linux

Graphics Editor

  • Create vector graphics with full featured drawing editor
  • Import raster graphics for custom look and feel
  • Create transparent bits within raster
  • Toggle between edit and run for instant feedback
  • No limit on screen size or number of objects
  • Hierarchical object construction
  • Send and receive events from other programs
  • Much more ...

Stimulus Editor

  • Capture mouse buttons, motion and keyboard events
  • Custom "hot spots"
  • Unlimited size and shape of "hot spots"
  • Add stimulus to any object
  • Timers and conditional stimulus

Animation Editor

  • Move, rotate, scale, change color and more
  • Hide and show
  • Animation by example requires NO programming
  • Explicit animation states or interpolation between end points
  • Nested animations within hierarchy of groups
  • Animate any object including bitmaps

Record and Playback

  • Record event sessions for human factors testing and training
  • Build regression tests
  • Stores time and sequence information
  • Replay events in realtime, faster or slower
  • Data stored in ascii, human readable file that can be post-processed

Control Editor

  • Control complex sequences of events to create full-featured GUI components
  • Conditionals, routines, loops, file access
  • Interpreted, dialog driven environment
  • Requires no compiler and runs on all development and target platforms
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