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Pathscale EKO Compiler Suite

by Pathscale

The PathScale Compiler Suite represents the highest-performance 64-bit compiler for the AMD64 processor family. This advanced compiler suite takes advantage of the AMD high performance 64-bit features and its remarkable price/performance leadership.

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Maximum Performance and Compatibility
The QLogic PathScale™ Compiler Suite represents the highest-performance 64-bit C, C++ and Fortran compilers for Linux-based environments. This advanced compiler suite takes advantage of the unique high-performance 64-bit features of both the Advanced Micro Devices AMD64 and the Intel® Xeon™ EM64T architectures.

The PathScale compiler includes a world-class “Every Known Optimization” framework purpose built for inserting new optimization techniques to improve performance. At PathScale, poor compiler optimization is considered a bug and a challenge to our development team.

Derived from Proven Foundations 
Noted for its mature FORTRAN and excellent Optimizer, the PathScale compiler suite is derived from the SGI®/Cray® compiler. PathScale modernized this compiler with OpenMP 2.5 and a gnu C/C++ front-end, and enhanced the code generator to support AMD64 and Intel EM64T processors. The result across all languages, is the world’s highest performance 64-bit Linux compiler with complete GNU tool chain compatibility.

In real-world application testing, HPC end-users have experienced up to 40% performance gain over alternative compiler products. This makes the QLogic PathScale Compiler Suite the clear choice for 64-bit computing clusters focused on maximum performance.

Optimized for AMD Opteron and Intel EM64T Systems
The QLogic PathScale Compiler Suite maximizes the performance of application code when compiled for AMD Opteron systems. With AMD Opteron advantages like complex addressing modes, large register sets, more efficient parameter passing and SSE2/3DNow!™ support, 64-bit code will simply perform better on this processor. In addition, inline AMD64 assembly code can be issued.


  • Faster ports with less source code modification 
  • Uses standard flags so most make files just work
  • Mix and match GNU and PathScale compiled objects 
  • Uses standard GNU toolchain
  • Pathdb compatible debugger with enhanced C++/FORTRAN support and gdb syntax 
  • FORTRAN 77/90/97 with Popular Extensions, and Enhanced Libraries 
  • Cray/SGI Fortran 95 extensions and character pointers 
  • Big-endian/Little-endian Fortran I/O 
  • OpenMP 2.5 capable Fortran 
  • Free downloadable Pathscale optimized AMD Core Math Library 
  • Tested with the Intel Math Kernel Library 
  • Works with popular commercial debuggers
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