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B2 Spice v5

by Beige Bag Software

B2 Spice v5 is the latest version of the popular and powerful mixed mode EDA (Electronic Design Automation) simulator, with new standards in ease-of-use, power, and capabilities. B2 Spice contains a plethora of additional features, from complex digital circuits to radio frequency simulation.

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B2 Spice v5 is the latest version of the popular and powerful mixed mode EDA (Electronic Design Automation) simulator, with new standards in ease-of-use, power, and capabilities. B2 Spice contains a plethora of additional features, from complex digital circuits to radio frequency simulation and PCB design and includes a standard library of over 25,000 parts. There's no limit on the size of your design and results are easy to understand and interpret.


  • Intuitive User Interface - toolbar, tab, and button driven for more intuitive control
  • Virtual Instruments - oscilloscope, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, distortion meters, and MORE.
  • "Live Circuit" Parameters that can be altered as a simulation is running. Results displayed on virtual instruments or on the schematic via circuit animation
  • Parts Browser with customizable Parts Palette
  • Curve Tracer to plot the behavior of a device before you place it in your circuit.
  • Simulation mode - continuous transient simulation
  • Multiple level tests - Multiple parameter sweeps or Monte Carlo sweeps in ANY test
  • "Real-world" devices model performance of actual parts such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors.
  • Circuit Wizard to step you through the creation of the most commonly used circuit configurations
  • Graphing module - complete control over all aspects of the graph.
  • Tabbed window projects to keep all the documents in a project in one Window.
  • Cross Probing that interactively updates the graph as you add or move the probes around the circuit.
  • Circuit Visualization to display the actual current flow through the circuit and the relative voltage relationships by varying the wire's display color.
  • Quick, easy, and intuitive schematic entry
  • Export to and import from Eagle, a world leader in PCB software.
  • 12 powerful tests
  • 25,000 digital and analog parts including hundreds of REALISTIC behavioral models for such parts as resistors, inductors and capacitors.
  • Parameterized subcircuits
  • Create a part from any circuit
  • Password protected defects
  • Shared models
  • Database editor to import and manage the library of parts
  • Integrated symbol editor to create custom device symbols
  • Improved schematics with DIN and ANSI symbols
  • RF simulations and network analysis
  • Schematic borders and title-box for professional output
  • Smith and polar plots
  • Intuitive, full featured schematic editor cut, copy and paste of selected items
  • Undo support
  • Full device rotation
  • Device mirroring
  • Repeat placement of a device
  • Easy to draw and edit wires
  • Browse-able, filterable, device libraries
  • User-defined devices and symbols
  • Complete macro device capability
  • Rubber banding of wires and devices
  • Annotation of devices
  • Quick menu selection of commonly used parts
  • Zoom in or out on an area or item with custom zoom factors
  • Fit circuit to window function
  • User-selectable colours
  • Export circuit drawings and waveforms supports all Microsoft Windows driven printers and plotters
  • Modification of devices and symbols in schematic
  • Control over fonts and colours in schematic
  • Export SPICE3 compatible net lists
  • Generate SPICE3 sub circuits from the circuit
  • Create part from the circuit
  • View steady state results directly in the schematic
  • View node numbers
  • Colour coded digital wire states
  • Copy circuit picture to the clipboard for pasting into other applications
  • Print circuit to any output device

Library Management:

  • Import your existing SPICE subcircuits and models into parts library
  • Easily create and modify parts in database
  • Modify symbols for the parts
  • Match up symbol pins with model pins to reliably create parts
  • Modify parameters for behavioural models
  • Modify parameters for all Spice models
  • Specify manufacturer, description, and category for parts and models
  • Parts, models, and symbols are stored in a Microsoft Access database file

Parts Library of over 30,000 parts:

  • All parts in Berkeley Spice 3F5 and XSpice are included in the parts library
  • Many digital parts from the most popular libraries.
  • Parts from vendors such as AMP, APEX, Burr-Brown, Comlinear, Elantec, Linear Technology, Maxim, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, and more.
  • Many types of parts specified as subcircuits including Zener diodes, power MOSFET?s, operational amplifiers
  • Many types of digital parts, including gates, inverters, counters, registers, buffers, coder/decoders, mux/demuxes, and more.

Additional parts specified at a behavioural level including:

  • Analogue phase locked loop, continuous S domain transfer function, peak detector, sample and hold circuit, Schmitt trigger/ bistable network, voltage noise source, current noise source, piecewise linear system, discrete time Z domain transfer function, and operational amplifier.
  • These behaviour model parts can be customized from their behavioural parameters:
    Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Coupled inductors, diode, switches, Bjt, jfet, mosfet (all 6 models), mesfet, lossless transmission line, lossy transmission line, uniform RC line, Controlled sources, voltage and current sources.
  • Arbitrary source which can be used to model non-linear resistors and other parts.
  • Parameterised sub circuits give you the ability to alter sub circuit part behaviour.

Highly Accurate Simulations

  • Run simulation directly from schematic, or from a text window containing a spice deck 32-bit code: DC Bias, DC Sweep, AC Sweep, Transient, Monte Carlo, Noise, Distortion, Fourier, Pole/zero, sensitivity, and transfer function simulations
  • Show Device and Model parameters in a text window after the simulator has calculated them.
  • Full set of SPICE and XSpice options, including error tolerances, iteration limits, MOSFET defaults and more.
  • Pause or stop simulation at any time.
  • Digital command and vector files give you complete control over digital simulations view simulation results as the data is being collected
  • Intuitive interface for setting bias point initial guess and transient initial conditions
  • Multifunction signal generators (sine, single frequency FM, exponential, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, piecewise linear)
  • Multimeters (measure DC or AC voltage, current)
  • Unlimited number of instruments
  • Full screen analogue waveform analysis
  • Full screen digital trace
  • View any number of waveform simultaneously
  • Plot voltage, current, frequency response and dc characteristics
  • View results in tables and/or graphs
  • Log of simulation progress, errors, warnings, and statistics provided with each simulation run

Graph Editor

  • Zoom in or out on a specific point with a magnifying glass cursor
  • Stretch the plot horizontally or vertically
  • Squeeze the plot horizontally or vertically
  • Scroll around the graph
  • Create your plots by simply entering mathematical expressions
  • Value labelling of the X and Y axes for all graphics windows
  • Find and label maximums and minimums
  • Group plots by families or control them individually
  • Measurement of differences between specific points on a graph
  • Measurement cursors provide quick and accurate measurements in all analysis windows
  • Non-linear math functions
  • Ability to include ?deep? plots of sub circuit nodes
  • Highlight any plot by clicking on its name in the legend
  • Zoom in on any plot in the graph by control-clicking on its name
  • Unlimited number of plots
  • Set plot colours
  • Show or hide any plot
  • Set graph font
  • Set log or linear scales for x and y axes
  • Set graph title
  • Specify engineering or scientific notation
  • Copy graph picture to the clipboard for pasting into other applications
  • Print graph to any output device
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