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Mesh 5.0

by Field Precision, Inc.

Automatic generation of conformal triangular meshes

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Mesh 5.0 creates conformal triangular meshes for any user- specified geometry. The term conformal means that the solution volume is divided into a set of individually-shaped triangles that closely follow material boundaries (even with slanted or curved surfaces). The approach gives high-accuracy field solutions with short run times. The program also supports variable element resolution for enhanced accuracy in critical regions. A text script controls the mesh characteristics and region geometries. With scripts it is easy to document runs, to build solution libraries, and to exchange information with other users. Mesh includes a powerful drawing editor to define geometries graphically. The program also imports drawings in DXF format from TurboCAD, AutoCAD and other drafting programs. Mesh can operate interactively or from the command prompt under batch file control. In the interactive mode, you can make detailed inspections of the mesh or change the properties of individual elements and vertices.


  • Detailed instruction manual and online help
  • Drawing editor with advanced features (snap modes, fillet, copy, ...)
  • Automatic error corrections for high reliability.
  • Easy installation with no changes to Windows registry
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all installed Windows print devices (including color printers)
  • Library of practical application examples on disk
  • Compatible with all TriComp solution programs
  • Available for Windows or Linux. Formatted text output files make it easy to transfer information to user applications or your own finite-element programs
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