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by Cimmetry Systems

Panoramic! is an office automation support (word processor formats, spreadsheet formats, database formats, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and small-format raster and bitmap graphics files) and a low-cost viewing and annotation solution.

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If all you require is office automation support, (word processor formats, spreadsheet formats, database formats, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and small-format raster and bitmap graphics files), Cimmetry Systems Inc. offers Panoramic!, a low-cost viewing and annotation solution.

Panoramic! is the perfect desktop utility for your file access and network sharing needs. You can easily display and annotate your documents without needing the authoring application. A must-have utility for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. View, annotate, hyperlink, and print many file formats including word processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics and more!

Panoramic! is an extremely powerful tool that can save a great deal of time and money. With Panoramic!, the end user does not have to waste valuable time opening different applications to view multiple documents, nor does the organization have to spend money obtaining multiple applications for end users that just need to view documents. Panoramic! is also the ideal tool to help eliminate problems normally encountered with incompatible formats in email attachments.


Panoramic! for Windows is perfectly suited for those who wish to automate the document reviewing process. It serves as an effective information access and sharing package.

Interested in eliminating the need for physical revisions? Want to rid the office of stacks of papers with endless revision notes? Panoramic! is a valuable solution for automating the review process; it eliminates the need for paper-shuffling within and between departments. Its electronic annotations are the tools you need to drastically reduce paper use and automate the review process.

There are a number of annotation entities to choose from: circles, boxes, clouds, text, highlight, freehand, post-it notes, symbols, and OLE objects.

Use these entities to annotate all types of supported document including raster, word processing, spreadsheets and database formats. Moreover, Panoramic! saves its annotation files without modification to the original documents, thereby maintaining their integrity.

Panoramic! also allows for multiple annotation files for any given document, which makes it the perfect solution for viewing files which undergo a multiple-step revision process. You can assign different layers, files and colors to best identify each annotation according to focus area, reviewer, department or any other criteria. You can also keep track of annotation files by using the file information feature, which helps you identify any annotation file by various user-defined criteria. Keeping track of revisions has never been easier.

Panoramic! also features the Panoramic! Notes Editor, Cimmetry Systems' powerful post-it note utility. Write up to pages of comments, the reviewer will only see a note icon - the clutter of long text entities on the screen is eliminated. Simply double-click on the icon to view the note contents.

Panoramic! also has a Hyperlinking feature that gives you the option of establishing logical links between files. For example: you could link a sales report created in a word processor to a budget created in a spreadsheet. Simply establish the hyperlink in your first document, and use Panoramic!'s intuitive user interface to set a target file, application, DDE server or DLL.


You have received an email attachment, but can't open it because you don't have the authoring application. With Panoramic! your problems will be solved. Panoramic! integrates with your MAPI compliant email system and eliminates the incompatibilities normally encountered with the delivery of attachments. With over 150 file formats supported, you'll be able to quickly view and print the information you need.


Cimmetry Systems Inc. provides a robust and powerful API for our viewing solutions. This allows end users or developers to create a tight and seamless integration with their applications and provides for easy customization. To date, our solutions have been integrated with some of the leading DM, EDM, and PDM systems on the market (PC DOCS, Documentum, FileNET, Lotus Notes/Domino, Matrix, Windchill). Some of the integrations have been developed in-house and are offered under our VueLink product line. At the present time, we supply the VueLink products free of charge. There is no doubt that our viewers have become an integral component to the business process as an increasing number of companies head towards the paperless work environment. Also offered is an internet plug-in which is both Netscape and Internet Explorer compatible. It allows the end user to view and annotate files over the Intranet/Internet. It is available free of charge with the purchase of Panoramic!


General Features

  • Annotation/markup/redlining capabilities
  • Automatic file recognition
  • Numerous zoom and pan options, including magnifying glass and bird's eye view
  • Robust and powerful API with off-the-shelf integrations for leading DM/EDM/PDM systems
  • Ability to quickly view the file contents without opening the file
  • Search for text within files
  • Scanning capture interface for TWAIN compliant scanners
  • Print preview capabilities to view the file before printing
  • Thumbnail support
  • OLE compliant
  • Email support
  • Web browser plug-in's and ActiveX controls
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Link related files using exclusive Hyperlinking ability
  • User defined menu items

Annotation Features

  • Annotate all supported formats
  • Annotate your document using annotating entities including: clouds, highlights, leaders, symbols, text, freestyle, post-it notes
  • Save multiple annotation files and include information related to who annotated the file, what department, location, etc.
  • Notify individuals via email when an annotation file is created or modified
  • Use multiple annotation layers
  • Complete colour control
  • Save the annotation file while preserving the integrity of the original document
  • Copy, move or delete annotation entities
  • Link related files and actions using PANORAMIC!'s exclusive Hyperlinking feature

Printing/Plotting Features

  • Print/plot to any Windows supported printer or plotter
  • Use print preview to view document before printing
  • Print display or extents of an image
  • Use fit option to fit output page
  • Create watermarks, stamps, headers and footers
  • Print annotations and annotation notes along with documents
  • Batch printing of multiple documents

Integration/Interface Features

  • Off-the-shelf interfaces to popular DM/EDM/PLM systems available
  • Most extensive and robust API in the industry
  • Full access to all viewing, printing and annotating libraries
  • Several levels of Application Program Interface
  • Document management specific API for quick and easy integration
  • Full scripting language accessible through script files, DDE, DLL, and OLE Automation
  • Libraries accessible through C/C++ or Visual Basic

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003.
  • Minimum of 25MB of free hard disk space
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