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de MicroGlyph Systems

Librería de comunicaciones de red para C/C++ y Fortran.

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The SciSnet library provides basic functions to communicate with multiple machines on a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). The Internet also can be used, but transfer rate is dependent on traffic loads. The data rate of the communication is always determined by the network connectivity and traffic load. Any pair of machines using the SciSnet library can obtain very substantial transfer rates. The library allows multiple parallel packet transfers between two or among many machines. Distributor or communtator type applications are supported. With such configurations, it is possible to have a data generator or gatherer machine provide data streams to multiple processor machines, taking advantage of parallel data processing.

Product Highlights
The SciSnet Sockets Communication Library Version 7.0 provides a FORTRAN and C/C++ Win32 TCP/IP socket API interface for Windows systems. SciSnet is released as a library of FORTRAN or C/C++ callable routines, which allow users to design network communications applications for machine-to-machine high-speed packet transfers using the sockets API. Network media such as USB, FDDI, and Ethernet (10/100), configured for TCP/IP operation are supported. Performance on a 100 mbs Ethernet has been measured at 80 mbs.

Routines included in the SciSnet library are:

	NETCLS	Close network connection
	NETDTM	Get local date and time 
	NETFLS	Flush network message buffers
	NETOPN	Open network connection
	NETREC	Receive a message
	NETSND	Send a message
	NETSRV	Manage local network server
	NETSTS	Report on network connection status
	NETSUS	Suspend execution 

The SciSnet Sockets Communication Library Version 7.0 is released in two forms, one that can be used with FORTRAN compilers and one that can be used with C/C++ compilers. Included with the SciSnet is a user manual. SciSnet V7.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, and WinXP for the following compilers:

Fortran compilers:
  • SciSnet for Absoft Pro FORTRAN V8.0
  • SciSnet for Compaq Visual FORTRAN V6.6
  • SciSnet for Intel Fortran V8.0
  • SciSnet for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Pro V5.7
  • SciSnet for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Express V5.7
  • SciSnet for Lahey FORTRAN V7.1

C/C++ compilers:
  • SciSnet for Microsoft Visual C/C++ V6.0

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