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de MicroGlyph Systems

Librería de comunicaciones serie para aplicaciones científicas.

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The SciComm library provides basic functions to control and communicate with multiple devices (laboratory instruments, telescopes, control systems) using RS232c serial interfaces. Control lines can be set to signal line status conditions. Machine to machine communication is available by interchanging data packets between two or among many machines(PC or non-PC).

Product Highlights.
The SciComm Serial Communication Library Version 7.0 provides FORTRAN and C/C++ serial communication support for up to twelve (12) serial ports. SciComm input and output buffering allows simultaneous two-way communications for asynchronous real time application development. A variety of baud rates are supported from 110 to 256000 with flow control provided by software XON/XOFF, or by hardware DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS signaling. Other features include: write string with date/time stamp, read with timeout or delimiter string, and queuing of output strings.

Routines included in the SciComm library are:

	COMCLS	Close serial comm port
	COMCTL	Set control parameters (signal lines, time stamp, timeouts)
	COMDTM	Get local date and time 
	COMFLS	Flush data buffers
	COMOPN	Open a serial comm port (baud,parity,stop bits,char length)
	COMREC 	Receive input data
	COMSND	Send output data
	COMSTS	Report on comm port status
	COMSUS	Suspend execution 
The SciComm Communication Library Version 7.0 is released in two forms, one that can be used with FORTRAN compilers and one that can be used with C/C++ compilers. Included with the SciComm is a user manual. SciComm V7.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, and WinXP for the following compilers:

Fortran compilers
  • SciComm for Absoft Pro FORTRAN V8.0
  • SciComm for Compaq Visual FORTRAN V6.6
  • SciComm for Intel Fortran V8.0
  • SciComm for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Pro V5.7
  • SciComm for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Express V5.7
  • SciComm for Lahey FORTRAN V7.1

C/C++ compilers
  • SciComm for Microsoft Visual C/C++ V6.0
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