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askSam es una base de datos que actualmente es utilizada por investigadores, estudiantes, profesores, empresas, etc. en todo el mundo como herramienta que les permite organizar y clasificar grandes cantidades de información.

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Novedades en askSam 5.1

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What's New in askSam 5.1...

Import Enhancements

?     Import the Contents of Email Attachments

      In askSam 5 we let you import email attachments along with the messages. But the imported attachments were not searchable. A new option in askSam 5.1 imports the contents of recognized attachments (Word, HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, RTF, and Text) to the end of your email messages.

?     Pre-process Imported Files with Textpipe Utility

      We've integrated a special version of the product "TextPipe Pro" with askSam. TextPipe is a data manipulation tool that lets you perform a set of operations on files that you import into askSam. With TextPipe you can massage data before it is imported into askSam. There will be an additional charge for Textpipe (it's not included with askSam). The full version allows you to run and create filters. We're currently interested in ideas for new pre-defined filters that will be useful to askSam users.

?     IMAP Email Import

      We've updated the askSam Email Wizard to allow IMAP Email as a source for importing email into askSam.

Search Enhancements

?     Search for Documents with Attachments

      In the Search dialog, you'll find a new search option "Attachments". This allows you to search your database for documents with attachments (or documents without attachments).

?     Store Multiple File Search Requests

      In askSam 5.1 we've enhanced the Search Multiple Files feature. You can now store these search request - the search as well as the files you want to search. This is a very useful feature for those of you who work with multiple askSam databases.

?     Numeric Field Comparison

            We've added functionality to our Numeric Search. You can now search based on a comparison of two fields. For example, find documents where FIELD1[ is >= FIELD2[.

Other Enhancements (most of these have been requested by users):

?     Delete Multiple Bookmarks from the Bookmark dialog.

?     Support for the Euro Symbol in the currency symbol option in FILE - PROPERTIES.

?     Export Word list (Pro Version Only) - export the words listed in the ACTIONS - WORD LIST. The Words can be exported in text or CSV formats.

?     Right Click Editing for Hypertext Links - we've added an "Edit Link" command when you right click on a hypertext link.

?     Option to turn off drag and drop editing in the askSam Word Processor.

Below are the features we've added in askSam 5.0:

New Import Features

?     Email Import Wizard

     The Email Import Wizard makes is simple to set up profiles to import your email messages into searchable askSam databases. The Wizard supports the following email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, and Pocomail. It lets you choose which mailboxes you want to import and set the askSam databases into which you want them imported. Choose FILE - IMPORT EMAIL to access the Email Import Wizard.

?     Import Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

      We've added an import filter that imports the text from Adobe PDF files. The Adobe Acrobat filter is listed in the Import dialog in the File Type dropdown menu.

?     Import Attachments with your Email

      When importing email (from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, PocoMail, and others), you can choose to have askSam save your email attachments along with the email messages. The "Save Attachments" option in the Import dialog lets you choose whether you want askSam to save just the email messages or the messages along with any attachments. The attachments are "attached" to your askSam documents and become part of the askSam database. You can view them, execute them, save them.

?     Attach Original Files when Importing

      When importing Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, RTF, and Text files into askSam, you can attach a copy of the original file to the askSam document when you import. The "Save Attachments" option in the Import dialog lets you choose whether to attach the original file when importing. If you choose to "Save Attachments", a copy of the original file is attached to your askSam document and becomes part of the askSam database. You can view the attachment in it's original application or save it to a file.

?     Link to Original Files when Importing

      When you import a file into askSam, you can automatically have a hypertext link back to the original file. For example, you can import a Word file into askSam and have a link in the askSam document back to the original Word document. The link is set by including a ^L or ^l in an Entry Form and then choosing the "Import into Entry" option when importing.

?     Import Full or Partial Email Headers

      The "Full Header" option in the Import dialog lets you specify how you want email messages to import. When the "Full Header" option is set to "No", only the following fields from the email header are imported: To:, From:, Date:, Subject:, Message_Id:, along with the name of the mailbox from which the messages are imported. When the "Full Header" option is set to "Yes", all information in the email header is imported.

?     Import Any Type of File (to Link or Attach)

     A new import type lets you attach to or link to any type of file from askSam. The "Any File" import type does not import the "text" from a file, it lets you attach to or link to the file. A great way to create a database to track graphics, MPEG files, Powerpoint presentations, etc.

Enhanced Searching

?     Remembered Lists

      Remember the results of a query or place random documents into a Remembered List. You can search, browse, edit, print, export, or delete the subset of documents in the Remembered List. You can also run reports on the documents in the Remembered List.

      askSam lets you define multiple Remembered Lists. For example, in our knowledgebase  we have a Remembered List for each of our products (askSam, Web Publisher, SurfSaver, and Resume Tracker). When we are looking in the knowledgebase, we can switch to the Remembered List for the appropriate product.

      Remembered Lists can be combined with Boolean operators in searches. For example, we could search for items in the "askSam" Remembered List that are also in the "SurfSaver" Remembered List. This would give us items that relate to the two products working together.


?     Sort Search Results by Relevance

      A new option lets you sort your Search Results by Relevance. In the Search Results Properties dialog, we've added a "Sort by Relevance" option to the Sort dialog. If this option is selected, the document with the most hits will be listed first in your Search Results.

?     Index Specific Fields           (only in askSam Professional)

      This option allows you to index the contents of specific fields. Indexing specific fields greatly improves search times in very large databases (databases with millions of documents). You can access the "Index Specific Fields" option in the Index dialog.

New Hypertext Features

?     Search File For Link Text

      Create hypertext links that search for the linked text. You can search for the linked text in the current current file or in another file.

      Use this feature to jump to another database and look up information or find related documents in the current database. For example, you could set a search link on Client Number in one database and have it search for this number in another database when you click on the link.

      You can set this link in an Entry Form so that when you fill in a field (name, email, client number, etc.) the field is automatically linked. You set this link using the DOCUMENT - SET HYPERTEXT LINK command.

?     Search Current Document For Link Text

      This link searches only in the current document for the linked text. It's most useful inside of long Entry Forms allowing you to jump to different sections of the form. You set this link using the DOCUMENT - SET HYPERTEXT LINK command.

?     Link to specific line number

     Link to a specific line number in an askSam document. This feature is most useful inside of long Entry Forms. It lets you jump back to the top of the form. You set this link using the DOCUMENT - SET HYPERTEXT LINK command.

?     Link to Attachments

      askSam 5 lets you attach files to your askSam documents. These files can be Word files, Powerpoint presentations, graphic files, ZIP files, ... anything on your hard drive. The hypertext function lets you set links to these attachments. Clicking on the link will display the file in the associated application. You can link to attachments using the DOCUMENT - SET HYPERTEXT LINK command.

Other New Features

?     E-Mail Merge

      Email the results of a "mail merge" to selected contacts in your askSam database. A great way to send customized email messages to your clients, friends, or contacts.

      Use askSam's powerful searches to select the proper email addresses. For example, search for those that requested more information that have downloaded the demo version within the last 15 days.

      Use IF statements in your Email letter to insert the proper information for each message. For example, if the clients are not in the US or Canada, you could ask them to call on your standard phone number rather than your 800 number.

     Create Email Merge messages using the askSam Mail Merge function. When you're ready to send the message, choose the MAIL MERGE - SEND EMAIL MERGE command.

?     E-Mail Documents

     The DOCUMENT - EMAIL DOCUMENT command lets you email an askSam document. This is a great way to reply to archived email. When you choose to email an askSam document, askSam will search for To:, From:, and Subject fields in the document and fill in these fields when you reply (if they are available). If the askSam document contains attachments, you have the option of sending these attachments along with the email.

?     Inserting Fields in a Database.

      Define an Entry Form and automatically insert the form (fields) in all documents or selected documents in your database. This feature makes it easy to add additional fields to existing documents. You can insert fields in a specific line, before a word or field, after a word or field, at the top of the document, or at the bottom of the document. Set up a new Entry Form with the field you wish to insert and choose DOCUMENT - INSERT ENTRY FORM. In the "Document Selection" field, choose either Current Document, Selected Documents, or All Documents.

?     Add Attachments to Documents

      askSam lets you attach files to your askSam documents. These Attachments become part of the askSam database (in a compressed form).

      The DOCUMENT - ATTACHMENTS command lets you:

               - Attach files to your askSam documents

               - View attached files.

               - Delete attached files

               - Save attached files (as separate files external to the askSam database)

?     Optimization for Graphics

     When you insert graphics (via EDIT - INSERT - PICTURE), askSam can save these graphics in JPEG format. This greatly decreases the file size. The "Save all graphics in JPEG format" setting in the FILE - PROPERTIES dialog, lets you choose to have all graphics saved in JPEG format. Note: this only work on graphics, not OLE objects. The "JPEG format quality" setting in the FILE - PROPERTIES dialog, lets you reduce the quality of JPEG images and make them even smaller.

?     128 Bit Encryption

     We've improved encryption in askSam 5. You now have the option of using 128 bit (in askSam 4, we only supported 56 bit encryption).  128 bit encryption is more secure, but requires slightly more time to encrypt/decrypt documents. In the FILE - PROPERTIES dialog, the "File Encryption Type" lets you choose between 56 bit and 128 bit encryption.

?     Compatibility with SurfSaver 2.3

      askSam 5 is now compatible with SurfSaver 2.3. You can use askSam 5 to open your SurfSaver files for advanced searching and reporting. SurfSaver Pro lets save your pages on any drive or folder and share your SurfSaver files with your co-workers.

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