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Labtronics SAP ERP Interfacing

de Labtronics

La nueva interfaz de Labtronics con SAP trabaja juntamente con tres de las principales soluciones de Labtronics (LimsLink, LimsLink CDS y Nexxis), y permite conectar cualquier instrumento de laboratorio con SAP R/3.

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Labtronics? new SAP interfacing module works in conjunction with all three of Labtronics? premier interfacing solutions - LimsLink, LimsLink CDS and Nexxis to connect any laboratory instrument with SAP R/3.

Using SAP approved BAPIs, the new SAP Interface Module provides laboratories with a secure and efficient means for reporting all of their laboratory data directly to SAP R/3.

When implemented with either LimsLink or LimsLinkCDS, the SAP Interface Module makes full use of their extensive capabilities for interacting with instruments, instrument data systems and LIMS. With Nexxis, users are able to automate and enforce all aspects of their Standard Operating Procedures, including data collection from RS232 instruments. With all three applications, the SAP Interface Module operates in a secure environment that includes all of the security components required to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

With the new SAP Interface Module, laboratories now have access to the full power of Labtronics? advanced instrument interfacing solutions when reporting their instrument data to SAP.

Selection Guide
The following list will help you select the right product for your requirements.


  • suitable for all instruments, including RS232 instruments and instruments with data systems
  • operates in both a user interactive mode as well as a black box mode where the user never sees the interface
  • 2-tier client/server architecture or standalone mode

LimsLink CDS

  • similar to LimsLink, but provides specialized functionality for chromatography data systems


  • suitable for instruments that do not already have a data system, especially RS232 and TCP/IP instruments
  • SOP (standard operating procedure) driven; provides tighter control than either LimsLink or LimsLinkCDS on the steps the user follows
  • an electronic laboratory notebook
  • n-tiered architecture
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