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Pippette Tracker

de Labtronics

Para las empresas que deseen garantizar la precisión y fiabilidad de las pipetas y equipos de medida de líquidos, Pipette Tracker y Pipette Tracker Pro proporcionan una solución automatizada para la planificación, ejecución y documentación sobre todos los aspectos de calibración gravimétrica y pruebas de rendimiento.

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Pipette and Volumetric Device Calibration Management Software
For companies wanting to ensure the accuracy and precision of their pipettes and liquid handling devices, Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro provide an automated solution for scheduling, performing and documenting all aspects of gravimetric calibration and performance testing.

Implementation of Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro is quick and easy thanks to the Labtronics Instrument Library, which contains setup information for all major balances and a manufacturers' database and lists calibration specifications for over 700 pipettes. In no time at all, you can have a fully automated, fully documented system that ensures that all of your liquid handling devices are performing according to specifications.

Both Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro bring a new level of automation, organization and documentation to pipette calibration.

Pipette Tracker vs. Pipette Tracker Pro

Pipette Tracker Pro
Pipette Tracker Pro is the only pipette calibration software that provides laboratories, operating in a regulated environment, with the tools that they need to comply with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11. Pipette Tracker Pro is a secure solution that includes full security implementation, support for Oracle® and SQL Server® databases, method validation and method versioning.

Pipette Tracker
A cost-effective solution for companies that want to automate their pipette calibration, but do not require a full security implementation or extended database support.

Feature Comparison Pipette Tracker Pipette Tracker Pro
Supports Windows® 2000 and XP Yes Yes
Meets ISO 8655, DIN 12650, ISO 9000, NCCLS and GLP requirements Yes Yes
Supports uni-directional and bi-directional communication with balances
Yes Yes
Includes Labtronics Instrument Library with setup information for balances
Yes Yes
Includes a database of manufacturers' calibration specs for over 700 pipettes
Yes Yes
Fully automated scheduling of calibrations Yes Yes
Supports all gravimetric calibration protocols Yes Yes
Automatically corrects for environmental conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity Yes Yes
Calibration results are automatically evaluated and pipettes are issued a pass or fail tag
Yes Yes
All results are recorded in a database providing a complete calibration history for each pipette Yes Yes
Provides a complete list of pipettes in inventory Yes Yes
Preview, design and modify reports Yes Yes
Generate reports in Excel®, PDF, TXT, Word®, HTML, TIF formats
Yes Yes
Support for Oracle® databases No Yes
Support for SQL Server® databases No Yes
E-mail notification when a pipette is due for calibration
No Yes
Meets 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements No Yes
Electronic signatures
No Yes
Password protection No Yes
Full audit trail implementation No Yes
Method and test plan validation and versioning No Yes
Archive past versions of methods and test plans No Yes
Automatically lock workstation after period of inactivity No Yes
Optional Validation Toolkit for IQ/OQ validation of software No Yes
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