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LimsLink Express

de Labtronics

LimsLink Express es una solución de bajo coste que proporciona una interfaz básica entre instrumentos de laboratorio y LIMS que no requieren las funciones de seguridad y sofisticadas capacidades de proceso de la versión completa de LimsLink.

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Instrument to LIMS Interfacing Simplified
LimsLink Express is a low cost solution that provides basic instrument to LIMS interfacing for laboratories that don?t require the security features and sophisticated processing capabilities that are included in the full LimsLink product.

Simplifying the interface reduces the overall cost of ownership by reducing both the cost to purchase LimsLink Express and the cost of implementation.

LimsLink Express is a new approach to LIMS interfacing that provides:

  • Basic, file-based instrument to LIMS interfacing
  • Lower cost to purchase
  • Shorter implementation time

Basic LIMS Interfacing
LimsLink Express provides a solution for laboratories that are looking for an efficient means for transferring sample information between their instruments and their LIMS.

Files containing sample information can be sent from the LIMS to LimsLink Express, where they can be reformatted and used as a worklist of samples. That sample information can be formatted, expanded and sent from LimsLink Express to an instrument data system, where it can be used as a sample list or sequence.

LimsLink Express can collect sample results from instruments via RS232 or as output files from an instrument data system. LimsLink Express can then format those results and output a report file that is ready to be collected by the LIMS.

Shorter Implementation Time
In most cases, LimsLink Express can be implemented over the Web without the cost of having someone visit your site. We offer a fixed cost installation, training and method development package (some restrictions apply). If you are ready to provide your specific requirements, most instruments can be implemented in under 2 days.

Which LIMS interfacing product is best for you?

  LimsLink LimsLink Express
Platform LimsLink LimsLink
Network version Yes No
Citrix support Yes No
Security and audit trail Yes No
21 CFR Part 11 compliant Yes No
Validation toolkit Yes No
Price +++ ++
Direct upgrade path - LimsLink
Operates in a black box mode Yes Yes
Operates in a user interactive mode Yes Yes
Data types RS232/Files/Other RS232 and Files
Prompt user for a guide through the process Yes No
Get sample lists from LIMS Yes Yes
Control editing of data Yes Yes
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