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NEXXIS qELN es un potente Notebook Electrónico para Laboratorios (ELN) que facilita la rápida conversión de las hoja de trabajo en papel a un entorno electrónico altamente controlado.

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A Quality Electronic Laboratory Notebook for the QA/QC Lab

NEXXIS qELN is a powerful new breed of ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) that meets laboratory QA/QC requirements in a way that is unmatched by any other solution.

NEXXIS qELN makes it easy to convert your paper-based worksheets into a tightly controlled electronic environment. Instead of filling out pieces of paper, your analysts will enter information directly onto a computer screen in a very controlled process. An ELN Management module controls the scheduling, completion and approval of each worksheet, dramatically reducing the time spent on these tasks.

All completed worksheets are stored both as results in a database, as well as completed documents. The results can be used for custom reports such as C of A's or for transfer to other production, LIMS or ERP systems. The completed documents can be viewed and reported at any time and help solve compliance issues.

Converting your paper-based system into a NEXXIS qELN solution will allow you to implement ?review by objection? procedures, further reducing your QA/QC costs.

NEXXIS qELN imposes tight controls over the user to ensure that procedures are followed correctly every time. Automatically check limits, expiration dates on reagents, training records etc. This, along with complete security and audit trail functionality reduces the cost of compliance, and simplifies your next audit.

Since NEXXIS qELN converts your current paper-based worksheet into an identical electronic copy, very little training is required for your analysts. NEXXIS qELN is quickly adopted by users because the electronic worksheets look exactly the same as the current paper ones.

  • Automate every aspect of an analytical SOP
  • Collect data directly from laboratory instruments, in real-time
  • An enterprise solution that is fully scaleable
  • Interact with existing LIMS, ERP and information management systems
  • Supports a variety of technologies including PCs, tablets, notebooks, wireless systems, etc.
  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements

A Best of Breed Solution
NEXXIS qELN combines the most advanced technology for data collection and SOP automation with the ability to integrate with existing LIMS, ERP and information management applications. For QA/QC laboratories that are looking for an ELN, NEXXIS qELN provides a fully integrated, next generation solution that automates and controls laboratory procedures.

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