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de Field Precision, Inc.

Simulaciones 2D/3D de Monte Carlo del transporte de radiación de electrones/fotones/positrones.

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GamBet is an innovative approach to 2D/3D Monte Carlo simulations of radiation transport in matter. The unitized code suite handles the full range of electron/photon/positron interactions with high accuracy. GamBet can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an extension to the Trak or OmniTrak charged-particle-beam codes. Extensive applications include optimization of X-ray targets, electron-beam heating, radiographic imaging, positron physics, radiation therapy research and shielding design. The codes run on personal computers under Linux and all 32-bit versions of Windows.

Special features
The unique cabilities of GamBet offer several advantages compared to other available programs:

  • Material volumes are defined by conformal meshes for high-accuracy representation of slanted or curved boundaries
  • Sophisticated graphical pre- and post-processors for mesh generation and the analysis of dose and particle orbits
  • Material interactions are handled by the state-of-the-art Penelope package
  • Effects of 2D or 3D electric and/or magnetic field numerical solutions can be included
  • Detailed instruction manuals and ready-to-run examples
  • Optimized search routines for short run times
  • Dose quantities are recorded on the conformal mesh so that each element acts as a subzone in the post-processing stage
  • Accepts direct input of electron or positron beams from the Trak and OmniTrak codes
  • Interactive analysis and plotting of input/output particle distributions
  • Advanced variance-reduction techniques including interaction forcing and splitting/reduction of particles
  • Particle escape files can be used as input for subsequent runs or ported to Trak or OmniTrak
  • Presentation quality 2D/3D plots with built-in hardcopy support for all installed Windows printers

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