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de Field Precision, Inc.

Transporte térmico en sólidos o medios biológicos con propiedades de material dependientes de la temperatura.

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HeatWave applies high-accuracy finite-element methods to solve the steady-state or dynamic thermal problems. The program handles radiative boundaries and materials with temperature-dependent thermal properties. In initial-value solutions you can define arbitrary time variations of thermal sources and surface temperatures. In this mode, the program can record snapshots of spatial variations or probe signals at points. The package contains three programs: 1) HeatWave creates one or more thermal solutions interactively in a window or under batch file control, 2) HWV generates 2D/3D plots and performs quantitative analyses and 3) Probe displays signals from thermal probes. (Available for Windows and Linux. Requires MetaMesh.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with library of read-to-run examples.
  • Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all Windows print devices.
  • Interactive or script- driven operation.
  • Define arbitrary time variations of power density and temperature in dynamic runs.
  • Represent any material through flexible tabular input of temperature dependencies.
  • Automatic global and region calculations of average temperature and thermal flux.
  • Unique 3D plots showing boundaries of regions with color-coding by surface temperatures.
  • Automatic construction and display of 3D isothermal surfaces.
  • Dedicated post- processor with units and functions matched to thermal transport simulations.
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