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de Field Precision, Inc.

Magnetostática tridimensional con materiales de alta permeabilidad y magnetos permanentes.

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Magnum is a complete tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations. The program achieves unprecendented accuracy and speed at a moderate price. Magnum can perform three types of calculations: 1) free-space fields in unbounded volumes for given applied currents, 2) bounded fields in the presence of coils, permanent magents and linear-isotropic ferromagnetic materials and 3) pulsed fields in regions with ideal conductors. The package includes two additional programs: CPrep (a preprocessor for definition of drive coils) and MagView (a postprocessor for 2D/3D plots and analyses). Magnum has extensive applications to the design of magnets (with and without iron) and permanent magnet assemblies. (Available for Windows and Linux. MetaMesh required.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with walkthrough examples.
  • Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all Windows print devices.
  • Interactive point-and- click analysis of solutions.
  • New solution techniques resolve microscopic details in large structures.
  • Volume integrals of field energy to determine inductance.
  • Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.
  • Batch-mode operation for automated analyses.
  • Advanced interpolation techniques with intelligent-point-selection for high-accuracy field calculations.
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