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CodeWarrior? Development Tools for Windows®, v9

de Metrowerks

Compilador ANSI/ISO C/C++ líder del mercado.

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Customer Testimonials

For more than 12 years, Netopia, Inc. has been a leading developer of systems support and management tools for Windows and Macintosh, including the award-winning Timbuktu Pro Remote Control, netOctopus Systems Management, and eCare Virtual Support. More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Netopia software as part of their IT support infrastructure.

"We recently finished a product ahead of schedule! One reason was CodeWarrior's compliance with C and C++ standards, another was the Metrowerks Standard Library. Thanks, Metrowerks!" says Marc Epard, Principal Engineer, Netopia, Inc.


?CodeWarrior has been an excellent development package and I can remember my delight when they first made it available for Windows,? says Francis Glassborow


SPACE.com is the developer of Starry Night, the realistic astronomy software for personal computers, based in Toronto, Canada. Our products include the award winning Starry Night Pro, Starry Night Backyard, Starry Night Beginner and Deep Space Explorer.

?All the Starry Night products as well as our new Deep Space Explorer product are built with Metrowerks CodeWarrior,? says Ted Leckie, President of SPACE.com Canada. ?We have one project file for Starry Night with a number of different build targets including: "Win32 Final", "Win32 Debug", "Mac CFM Final" and "Mac CFM Debug". The Win32 targets are built on our Macs and CodeWarrior automatically transfers the built app over to the PC. We use CodeWarrior's debugger on the Mac to debug the Win32 app while it is running on the PC. The whole process is so transparent that we barely notice it. There aren't many tools around that allow this degree of flexibility: essentially we're building Starry Night for three very different architectures using one tool, Metrowerks CodeWarrior.?

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