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AccuSoft® ImageGear® for .NET es un completo SDK para aplicaciones de tratamiento de imágenes en .NET, con un diseño orientado a objeto e integrado con Visual Studio 2005 y .NET Framework versión 2.0. El SDK está escrito en C#, y ofrece una intuitiva jerarquía de clases, estructuras, interfaces y enumeraciones para sus aplicaciones .NET.

.NET Imaging SDK Highlights

ImageGear for .NET has everything you need for .NET imaging. You can accelerate your development by easily integrating these following features into your Visual Studio solution:

  • Expanded reading and writing of file formats
  • In-memory access to image pixel data and metadata
  • Easy display and printing
  • Robust image processing and annotations
  • Built-in TWAIN scanning for .NET
  • Native .NET vector file and CAD support
  • Barcode recognition .NET SDK included
  • OCR, ICR, and OMR recognition .NET SDKs available
  • Advanced PDF annotation for .NET
  • Analysis, correction, and manipulation of both computer-generated and scanned images
  • Easy .NET Web Forms support
  • Image enhancement through color reduction/promotion/dithering
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) functions

Accelerate your .NET imaging development with ImageGear for .NET. You can rely on the high quality and performance you expect from AccuSoft, the industry leader in imaging toolkits. In addition, ImageGear’s integrity is backed by the AccuSoft Image Guarantee: ImageGear is guaranteed to read all valid raster images in the supported formats.

Read/Write Support

Support for reading, writing and conversion of images in over 40 of the most popular formats and sub-formats with full access to the file format metadata. The .NET imaging SDK provides native support for all color spaces and bit depths, including but not limited to 1, 4, 8-bit gray level, 8i, 9-16-bit gray level, 24, and 32, and comprehensive handling of alpha channels. In addition, the .NET SDK can read all of the additional possible bit depths for ImageGear-supported file formats. ImageGear for .NET provides capabilities for working with raster file formats, vector graphics, and PDF/PS file formats.

Read and write PDF documents natively in .NET available as an optional module, and makes use of the latest 100% Adobe PDF libraries, ensuring the most current version of the format is available, and allowing users to automatically conform to the highest PDF Language Standard.

PDF functionality includes:

  • Content editing provides an API for creating, accessing and editing PDF page content objects.
  • Document font support
  • Word extraction capabilities
  • Get and set the PDF document metadata
  • Native PDF document printing

The ImageGear for .NET JPEG2000 namespace supports JP2, JPX and Motion JPEG2000 file format (MJ2).

Motion JPEG2000 file format (MJ2) is based on support of JP2 file formats, and is designed to contain one or more motion sequences of JPEG2000 images. The ImageGear included JPEG2000 module is able to handle all features of a single image which can be extracted from any track available in an MJ2 file.

This component provides a dramatic performance boost in the loading of heavily tiled JPEG2000 images by using parameters such as ProgressionOrder, StitchTiles, CodeBlockSize, CodeBlockStyle,TileWidth, TileHeight, and QualityLayers in the loading and tiling process.

CAD/Vector support. ImageGear for .NET provides native support for CAD/vector formats such as DXF, DWG, CGM, DGN, and HPGL.

Image Processing

Image processing and enhancement. Rotate, Flip, Resize with interpolations, color space conversions, contrast adjustment, de-skew, merge, smooth, sharpen, un-sharp mask, thumbnail creation and more.

High-speed display. Complete control over how images are displayed with options for zoom, scroll, scale to gray, transparency (alpha), background, fit methods, orientation, alignment, aspect ratio as well as the ability to print an image with options.

Image loading and saving. ImageGear for .NET can load or save images to/from file system, data stream, memory or remote location.

ImageGear for .NET uses asynchronous downloading, providing greater performance in loading an image, and the ability to skip downloading unused portions of file, for example, when reading pages from a multi-page image.

The ability to read from non-seekable streams allows the ability to load images from any .Net Stream that has reading capability. In particular, System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream, and System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStream

Pixel access functions provide access to the image resolution, palette, and pixel data of an image, so that it is possible to retrieve and update the image raster, row, column, line, area, or individual pixels.

Annotations. Using the ART namespace, you can annotate any image that your application loads into ImageGear. The annotations are called “ART marks”. ImageGear for .NET allows you to create, load, and edit art marks associated with an image into a separate file. The art marks can be stored in the legacy .ART file format or an open .XML file format. Any time the image is reloaded, the ART marks can be reloaded with a simple function call.

The ImageGear for .NET ART namespace also allows you to save the art marks either as tags or objects inside the image file if the file format supports storing annotations, or "burnt" into the image file.

Device Functions

Acquisition from TWAIN compatible devices.
ImageGear for .NET supports all TWAIN versions up to and including version 1.9.

Printing Functions includes auto sizing with auto page centering or specific placement.

.NET OCR/ICR/OMR Barcode Recognition

.NET OCR/ICR/OMR and Barcode SDKs speed your .NET imaging with ImageGear for .NET. The OCR and Barcode recognition modules are included and optional modules for ICR and OMR are also available. The OCR engine has 2 pre-made voting interfaces and direct access to 3 leading OCR engines (MOR, MTX and FireWorX).

Colorspace Support

ImageGear for .Net provides a color reduction API that allows you to reduce the bit depth of an image using reduction methods such as BAYER, BITONAL, DIFFUSE, HALFTONE, MEDIAN, OCTREE, POPULARITY, SCALE.

Native support for a variety of color spaces is available, including: RGB, RGBA (RGB and alpha), RGBPA (RGB and pre-multiplied alpha), CMYK, Grayscale, Grayscale with alpha (pre-multiplied or not), Indexed (paletted) RGB, IHS, HSL, LAB, YIQ, CMY, YCbCr, YUV.

Web-Forms Support

The Web Forms .NET SDK implements scrolling on the client side, so delivering the same viewing performance you would expect from a desktop application. This capability, combined with the server-side power of ImageGear for .NET, and the use of appropriate format compressions to transfer image data to the client, makes the ImageGear for .NET Web Forms SDK the ultimate choice for developing the next generation of Web-based imaging applications.

Comprehensive Samples and Help

ImageGear for .NET is provided with a library of .NET imaging samples included to showcase the versatility of the product. These include samples for:

  • PDF reading and writing
  • TWAIN Scanning
  • Core functions and formats
  • Image processing
  • Display operations
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • VB .NET Imaging Tutorial

The product has context-sensitive help and documentation that is fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 allowing developers complete access to comprehensive detail on each ImageGear .NET imaging function.

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