Excel Link for O-Matrix

de Harmonic Software

Excel Link for O-Matrix integra las funciones técnicas computacionales de alto rendimiento de O-Matrix con Microsoft Excel.

The Excel Link for O-Matrix integrates the high-performance technical computing capabilities of O-Matrix with the convenient and well-known Microsoft Excel environment. Excel Link lets you exchange data between O-Matrix and Excel worksheets or VBA, (Visual Basic for Applications) macros.

  • Transfer data and commands to and from O-Matrix using familiar Excel worksheet functions
  • Enter, edit, and view data in the familiar point-and-click Excel environment
  • Create end-user solutions using the Excel interface
  • Combine the best language capabilities of O-Matrix and VBA
  • Build VBA applications and GUIs that use O-Matrix as a numerics server

Use the Excel Link to perform numerical analysis in Excel. This example uses O-Matrix to calculate a wavelet transform of data from Excel.

System Requirements

  • O-Matrix 5.5 or greater

  • Windows NT, 2000, or XP

  • Excel 2000 or Excel XP

  • 1 MB Available Disk Space

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