O-Matrix Development Kit

de Harmonic Software

O-Matrix Development Kit ofrece las herramientas para crear aplicaciones de análisis de datos visuales independientes con O-Matrix. Las aplicaciones creadas con este kit pueden distribuirse libremente, sin que el usuario final deba adquirir copias adicionales de O-Matrix ni otros paquetes o librerías.

The O-Matrix Development Kit provides the tools for creating stand-alone visual data analysis applications with O-Matrix. Applications built with the O-Matrix Development Kit can be distributed royalty-free without the need for end users to purchase additional copies of O-Matrix or other third-party packages or libraries.

  • Create shrink-wrapped, turnkey solutions
  • Distribute applications without royalty fees or additional end-user software requirements
  • Compile O-Matrix programs to binary form for faster execution and protection of proprietary source code
  • Link with C++, Visual Basic, and FORTRAN applications
  • Create C++ or Visual Basic user interfaces that transparently use O-Matrix as a numerical analysis 'engine'
  • Create applications that install, run and appear as completely custom applications

The O-Matrix Development Kit includes all of the capabilities available in O-Matrix plus the tools for creating royalty-free custom applications. The O-Matrix Development Kit will accelerate your development of turnkey visual data analysis applications, and provides an inexpensive, simple solution for creating custom technical computing solutions.

The Control System Explorer from Harmonic Software is built and distributed using the O-Matrix Development Kit.

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