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by MicroGlyph Systems

Scientific Plotting Graphics Library

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The SciPlot toolbox provides graphics building blocks that transform PCs into powerful scientific/engineering development platforms for numerical and statistical analyses, signal processing, and publication of scientific results applications.

Product Highlights.
The SciPlot library provides a basic set of graphics routines for scientific and engineering plotting. Graphs can be generated interactively in a client window for quick preview. Final hardcopy plots can be produced on any Windows-supported and graphics-capable printer such as HP DeskJets, LaserJets, DesignJets, or PostScript printers locally or network attached. SciPlot produces seven export file types that word processors can import as graphics figures to produce professional quality scientific reports. Export file types include:

	BMP	-  Bitmapped Graphics Files
	EPS	-  Encapsulated PostScript Files
	HPGL/2	-  HP Graphics Language Files
	PCX	-  PC Paintbrush Graphics Files
	PDF	-  Portable Document Format Files
	PS	-  PostScript Files
	WPG	-  WordPerfect Graphics Files

SciPlot supports graphic application development through the use of the Microsoft Windows API. Currently, SciPlot graphics libraries are compatible with a variety of FORTRAN 90/95 and C/C++ compilers (see SciPlot price list). Since device support is provided by Window's drivers, all SciPlot applications can access and fully utilize the device resolution of monitors (including full screen mode) and graphics printers. All color modes are supported: 16, 256, High Color (16 bit), True Color (24 and 32 bit). A console window is provided for raw console i/o capability with control of text and background colors.

Pseudo color imaging includes replace, and, or, and xor operators to render color coded pixel data on the client window as well as printer devices. Rectangular color-fill routines and the ability to create custom palettes (256 colors) are included. The system mouse is supported as a data designation device. Fourteen different character sets are provided. These sets are based on an extended version of National Bureau of Standards Hershey Occidental Font System and Graphics Symbols. They are vector based software generated fonts and provide simplex, complex, gothic, duplex, triplex character outlining. The sets also include Greek and Cyrillic fonts. Each set contains data centered symbols for exact data registration. Both uniform and proportional spacing are provided with rotation and character size scaling. The standard Windows True Type Fonts can also be used. Date and time stamping of graphics output is available. String manipulation capabilities include justification and a composition function to create a string of mixed characters, taken from a variety of different character sets. Other functions provide axis titling and numeric label generation. Number conversion and plot annotation routines can generate plots with linear and log axis scales. Scaling routines can determine scale factors for entire plot frame scaling, rotation, translation, and data array plotting. SciPlot includes line or symbol drawing capability, polar plots, and 3D surface contour plotting. Also, routines provide grid generation and annotated legend boxes. Special system orientated routines provide the following user-callable functions:

	SUSTIM - to suspend execution for a fixed period of time
	SETPJL - to generate Printer Job Control (PJL) language statements
                 in graphics files
	PLYWAV - to generate Window's waveform sounds
	GETDTM - to retrieve system time and date
	PARDRV,SERDRV,NETDRV - to generate parallel, serial, and network i/o
                 for devices
	RDRTXT,WRTTXT -  to read and write text strings to/from the client
                 graphics window
	GETRES - to retrieve the client window resolution
	FRAME  - to advance the plot frame
	DRWVEC - to draw figures in device coordinates.

Graphics applications can be designed and developed by reviewing the source examples in the SciPlot manual, and are included as source files with the release. Both static and dynamic (DLL) linked applications are supported. All MicroGlyph Systems products are royalty-free and include a single-user license.

Routines included in the SciPlot library are:

	AXIS	Axis generation		PLTBEG	Plot frame initialization
	CMDLN	Command line read		PLTEND	Plot frame termination
	CONTUR	3D contour plots		PLYWAV	Play waveform sound
	CTRSTG	String centering		PTRCAL	Printer calibration
	DRAW	Data drawing		PXLUSR	Pixel to user conversion
	DRWVEC	Vector drawing		RDRTXT	Read keyboard string
	FACTOR	Rotate, scale, offset	ROT	Rotate point
	FILL	Flood-fill		SCALES	Data array scales
	FRAME	Plot frame advance		SERDRV	Serial port driver
	GETDTM	Get time and date		SETCLR	Set plot colors
	GETRES	Get device resolution	SETCON	Set console window
	GETSET	Load character set		SETPAL	Set color palette
	GRID	Draw grid on x,y axes	SETPEN	Set drawing pen
	IMAGE	Display image		SETPJL	Printer Job Control
	LEGEND	Legend creation		SUSTIM	Suspend execution
	LNFMT	String formatting		SYMBOL	Character drawing
	MOUSE	Mouse status/control	TPLOT	Demo program
	NETDRV	Network device driver	USRPXL	User to pixel conversion
	NUMBER	Number conversion		WHERE	Plot frame status
	PARDRV	Parallel port driver	WINEXIT	Exit application thread
	PAXIS	Polar axes labels		WNDCAL	Window calibration
	PDRAW	Polar data drawing		WRTTXT	Display text
	PLOT	Vector line drawing

The SciPlot Graphics Library Version 7.0 is released in two forms, one for FORTRAN compilers and one for C/C++ compilers. Included with the SciPlot product are 14 Character Set Font files and a reference manual. SciPlot V7.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, and WinXP for the following compilers:

Fortran Compilers:
  • SciPlot for Absoft Pro FORTRAN V8.0
  • SciPlot for Compaq Visual FORTRAN V6.6
  • SciPlot for Intel Fortran V8.0
  • SciPlot for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Pro V5.7
  • SciPlot for Lahey FORTRAN 95 Express V5.7
  • SciPlot for Lahey FORTRAN V7.1

C/C++ compilers:
  • SciPlot for Microsoft Visual C/C++ V6.0

Axis and Title Generation

Polar Coordinate Plotting

Scientific Notation

3d Line Drawing

Type of Character Fonts

Data Centered Symbols

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