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by Interactive Software Services

Winteracter is a Win32 user-interface and graphics package for Fortran 90/95 developers. A selection of visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library are provided. Winteracter is available on Win32 operating systems for all the major Fortran 90 compilers.

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Welcome to the Winteracter home page. Developed in the UK by Interactive Software Services Ltd., Winteracter is a modern GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library. Versions are available for most Fortran 9x compilers.









Supported Compilers/Platforms

Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
(Intel compatible processors)
Linux (kernel 2.2 or later)
(Intel compatible processors)


Windows Fortran Compilers
Lahey LF90 4.x
Lahey Elf90 4.0
Lahey Fortran 95 5.x/7.x (Express/Std/Pro/Enterprise)
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran 5.0-6.6
Intel Fortran 8.x
Microsoft Fortran PowerStation 4.0
Salford FTN95 (2.54 or later recommended)
Absoft Pro Fortran 7.x/8.0


Linux Fortran Compilers
Lahey LF95 6.2
Intel Fortran 8.x
Absoft Pro Fortran 7.x

Notes :

  • Winteracter licences are normally for a specific platform/compiler combination, except:


    • All of the Lahey LF90, Elf90 and LF95 Win32 compilers listed above are supported in a single licence.
    • All of the Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran and Intel Fortran Win32 compilers listed above are supported in a single licence.



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