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Aphelion Frame Grabber Interface

by Adcis

A broad range of software drivers for popular image acquisition systems is available for the Aphelion? System. These optional drivers enable users to capture live images controlling that process with the Aphelion? software environment.

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Drivers for Standard Interfaces
The following drivers are available to interface the Aphelion system to input devices having standard interfaces, such as video cameras, scanners, low-cost video systems, without using any additional hardware. Aphelion drivers are available for the following standard interfaces:

  • Firewire® (Fully compliant with the IIDC 1394 Digital Camera specifications version 1.30 as published by the 1394 Trace Association)
  • Windows® Driver Model (WDM)
  • Twain®
  • Video For Windows® (Used to interface to USB® devices.)

Drivers for Frame Grabber Boards
A full range of drivers is available to interface the Aphelion system with a frame grabber board. These drivers provide optimized control of an image capture from within the Aphelion system. Many frame grabber boards from Integral Technologies, Matrox, Coreco-Imaging, Data Translation, Euresys, MuTech, and others, are supported.

Drivers for Proprietary Systems
Some cameras that are provided with proprietary hardware interface boards are also supported by Aphelion drivers. Supported cameras systems include certain products from Allied Vision Technologies, Diagnostic Instruments, Imaging Source, and PCO, and others.

Aphelion Optional Drivers:

  • Support a broad range of cameras (b/w, color, analog, digital, hi-resolution, slow-scan, progressive, low-sensitivity, infrared).
  • Provide user control of camera parameters for capturing live images from within the Aphelion graphical user interface.
  • Enable easy integration into a stand-alone application written in VC++ or VB
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