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by Labtronics

LimsLink is a LIMS solution for managing the instruments in a laboratory. LimsLink provides a fast deployment and a great flexibility in data management and reporting. It also includes all the components required to implement a secure environment.

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Faster Deployment
LimsLink instrument interfaces are developed using dialog boxes and a unique ?drag and drop? parser that eliminates the need for custom programming or scripting. The same process is used to configure the interface for every instrument in the lab, regardless of the source or complexity of the data.

  • Eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of developing custom interfaces
  • Reduce the time required to get interfaces up and running
  • Reduce demands on IT resources
  • Reduce maintenance costs

LimsLink is a tested and proven application that ensures effective deployment of your interfaces.

Flexibility in Data Management and Reporting
While LimsLink is an off-the-shelf solution, it still provides the flexibility to create interfaces that match specific user requirements.

  • Interfaces can run in the background with little or no user interaction
  • Analysts can review and approve data before it goes to the LIMS
  • Analysts can add comments or observations
  • Automated calculations ensure accuracy
  • Automated limit checking highlights problem samples

Laboratories that automate with LimsLink do not sacrifice any functionality or lose any of the control over their data that they have with their manual processes.

Built-in Security
LimsLink includes all of the components required to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11. Users in non-regulated environments can also take advantage of LimsLink?s security features to ensure the integrity of their instrument data.

  • 100 levels of password protection
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic signatures
  • Method versioning
  • Data archiving

LimsLink gives laboratories the tools that they need to ensure the security of their data as they transfer information between their instruments and their LIMS.

A Single Solution for Any Instrument or Any LIMS
LimsLink can be configured to interface with any laboratory instrument or LIMS, without changing the look and feel of the program for the end user. This gives analysts the flexibility to move from instrument to instrument, without having to adjust to different interfacing applications.

If your instrumentation or your LIMS changes, a LimsLink interface can be easily re-configured to meet the new requirements.

  • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced training time for analysts
  • Adaptable to changes in instrumentation or LIMS

Selecting LimsLink as your instrument interfacing solution is a decision that you only have to make once? no matter what changes you make to your instruments or your LIMS.

Proven Success
LimsLink has a proven track record of successfully meeting the instrument/LIMS interfacing requirements of laboratories in a wide variety of industries.

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