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by Field Precision, Inc.

Automatic generation of 3D conformal hexahedron meshes.

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MetaMesh (the core of the AMaze series) is a versatile, fast and easy-to-learn program to create 3D meshes for finite-element calculations. The term conformal means that elements are individually shaped to match object boundaries. The faithful representation of surfaces and the extended node coupling of the hexahedron mesh account for the high accuracy of AMaze programs. MetaMesh is the only commercially-available 3D generator that creates ideal structured meshes of conformal elements. Structure ensures that solution programs are easier to create, use memory more efficiently and run faster. As a baseline, the HiPhi program can solve an electrostatic solution with 200,000 nodes in less than 1 minute on a standard PC. The Magnum program for magnetostatics can handle over 5 million elements on a computer with 512 MB of memory. Available for Windows and Linux.


  • Compatible with all AMaze solution programs.
  • Fast processing speed (> 50,000 nodes/second).
  • Detailed instruction manual, ready-to-run examples and a cross-linked on-line help file.
  • Extensive shape-model library (including extrusions and turnings with arbitrary cross sections).
  • Powerful visualization tools to build meshes and to create presentations.
  • Automatic error correction for high reliability.
  • Built-in hardcopy support for all Windows print devices.
  • Option to run autonomously in batch mode to process large amounts of data.
  • Automatic mesh generation controlled by a self-documenting script.
  • Interactive graphical geometry editor available in 2005.
  • Simple, well- documented output format makes it easy to transfer data to your own applications.
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