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WaveSim 5.0

by Field Precision, Inc.

Finite-element frequency-domain simulations of electromagnetic propagation and microwave devices.

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WaveSim (Ver. 5.0) models electromagnetic waves in 2D structures. The program finds resonant modes of cavities and waveguides and also handles scattering solutions. High-performance matched termination layers represent open-space conditions. WaveSim determines both near- and far-field solutions and handles absorption resulting from resistivity or imperfect material response. The program has application to radar, electromagnetic compatibility, communications, microwave devices and education. (Available for Linux and Windows. Requires Mesh 5.0.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with a library of read-to-run examples.
  • Direct frequency- domain solutions through optimized sparse matrix inversion.
  • Define up to 127 regions to represent current sources, drive boundaries, or materials.
  • Automatic analyses of field energy and power dissipation in materials and cavity walls.
  • Material absorption represented by imaginary parts of the dielectric constant and/or magnetic permeability.
  • Automatic resonance mapping of structures.
  • Standard PCs handle millions of elements through dynamic memory allocation.
  • Extensive plot options for field lines, field magnitude and other quantities.
  • Simple output formats for easy data transfer to user applications or mathematical analysis programs.
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