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by Indowsway Software

With RealWin you can transform your DOS-hosted Fortran program into a great Windows application.

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Windows and Fortran

Welcome to Windows programming! If you have never written an application for Windows before and you?ve heard it is complicated, RealWin will eliminate your fears. With RealWin you can transform your DOS-hosted Fortran program into a great Windows application. When you?re done, your whole user interface is coded in Fortran.

RealWin is a custom library designed in a partnership with some pretty demanding clients. The powerful features that our custom clients use are available at a "shrinkwrap" price. You can order your own special features or just use the existing ones.

RealWin lets a Fortran programmer create full-featured applications for Microsoft 32-bit Windows platforms. Most of the details of handling Windows messages, menus, dialog boxes, etc., are done automatically within RealWin routines. With RealWin doing the hard work, you only have to consider the high-level aspects of your user interface. All of RealWin?s functions, subroutines, parameter definitions and interfaces are in a Fortran 90 module. RealWin procedures typically have many optional arguments which means you can use default values to get your program written quickly and then go back later and customize.

If you want to create applications for Microsoft Windows with Fortran, then you should be using RealWin. Just call RealWin?s powerful Fortran interface routines to get access to the Windows API. Don?t get bogged down with mixed-language programming. Don?t settle for some wimpy emulation of Windows that won?t let your application evolve. RealWin is the way to get from Fortran to Windows.

Real Win is the Answer

Look and operation are real Windows!
Code exclusively in Fortran
Capitalize on Fortran 90 features
Many optional arguments with defaults to get started quickly, then enhance
System constants are defined in a Module
Interfaces to routines are all explicit, so compiler checks them
Locations can be proportional by addressing with real numbers
Resizing logic is automatic
You can order new features according to your specification!

What Others are Saying

"I have already quickly ported the DOS-based programs to Windows and I am pleased with the speed and ease of that effort. I have also selectively added dialog boxes for input and have added a status bar and menus ..."
T.J. Blattner
Solar Turbines Inc. - a Caterpillar Company

"RealWin has greatly simplified the task of upgrading my Rail Traffic Controller program to be a Windows based application. I spend the majority of my time programming the crux of the application rather than worrying about the cosmetic Windows interface details. RealWin completely hides the often nasty and arcane details of Windows programming through a series of easy to understand routines. RealWin contains access to all the Win32 calls necessary for a professional interface. After studying a few examples, I was up and running in Windows in a matter of hours.
To me, the amazing part of RealWin is how little code is required to write an interface. The combination of RealWin with Fortran 90 provides developers with a powerful language and a complete interface package. I highly recommend RealWin for industrial strength applications!
Eric Wilson
Berkeley Simulation Software

"I'd like to extend a heart-felt 'THANK YOU' for developing RealWIN. It's really made API/GUI coding tasks far more convenient and much easier!!! It's also tied ALOT of loose ends when it comes to API confusion."
Todd M. Sherman
"U.S. Government"

"My experience with beta version is more than positive. The basic idea is very good. It is easy to include RealWin in existing application with small changes in program structure. The sample cases are more than enough to start the usage of the library. Until now I have not experienced any problem with RealWin usage."
Davor Grgic
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb

"Keep up the good work; I think RealWin is a terrific product."
Dr. Alan Minchinton
Research Associate
ICI Explosives

System Requirements:
- Lahey's LF90 version 3.0 or above or,
- Lahey's LF95 version 5.0 or above or,
- Compaq (Digital) Visual Fortran version 5.0 or above or,
- Absoft Fortran 90,

and one of the following:
- Windows 98
- Windows 95
- Windows 2000
- Windows NT version 4.0 or above

RealWin Features
See All Functions

Fortran 90
RealWin takes advantage of key features of Fortran 90 so that your code is easy to read and easy to enhance. You don?t have to change any of your FORTRAN 77 code in order to use RealWin. Any Fortran 90 code you must write can be cloned and modified from the RealWin example programs.

Menu bar, drop-down menus, cascading menus, dividers, menu help, accelerators, mnemonics, keyboard interface, enable, disable, and graying.

Status Bar
A variety of ways to display date & time, caps lock, scroll lock, num lock, program defined messages, line & column for scrolling box, proportional spacing, can all be changed on the fly by your program.

Tool Bar
Built-in or user-defined buttons, button sizing, tooltip help. Program can disable, enable, hide, and show buttons on the fly.

Windows and Boxes
A multitude of ways to customize your display. "Boxes" can be used to divide up a window. Select size, position, text color, background color, title bar, font, cursor, icon, and many other appearance features. Automatically scroll a text file. Use automatic screen painting or Fortran paint subroutine.

Dialog Boxes
Modal or modeless, push-buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, edit boxes, list boxes, and combo boxes. Default positioning of controls, Call Fortran routine when a button is pushed. Common Dialog boxes for color, font, print, print setup, open file, and save file.

16 predefined colors, user-definable colors via Color Dialog Box, or create any color with the RGB function.

Create brushes and pens, specifying color, width and pattern. Draw lines, pixels, ellipses, arcs, chords, rectangles, bitmaps, polygons, bezier curves, and polylines.

Programmer or user can select any Windows font, specifying point size, italic, rotation, etc. Write text in a variety of ways including automatic formatting.

Use the screen graphics routines to write to the printer. Place images wherever you want on the paper. Use the Print dialog box and Page setup dialog box to let the user tell you what he wants.

Capture any mouse operations you want. Automatic rubber-band box and line.

Many conversion, inquiry and utility routines, such as: get_rect, x_pixel_to_inches, lower_case, upper_case, message_box, delete_object, get_volume_info, copy_file, delete_file, get_device_capabilities, load_cursor, load_bitmap, load_icon, and set_foreground.

User Manual
Indowsway provides a 100+ page manual with RealWin. The manual provides plenty of examples and sample code to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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