PAC 5.0

by Field Precision, Inc.

Two-dimensional RF electric fields in biological media and lossy dielectrics.

PAC (Poisson AC, Ver. 5.0) is a versatile 2D numerical tool to find RF electric fields in conductive media. The program has extensive applications in RF heating and biothermal simulations. You can define up to 127 regions to represent electrodes or different materials. The amplitude and phase of the harmonic potential on electrodes can be set individually. Conductive materials are characterized by values of the volume resistivity and relative dielectric constant. VPAC, an interactive graphics analysis program, provides full information on the amplitude and phase of electric field and current density throughout the solution regions. (Available for Windows and Linux. Mesh 5.0 required.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with ready-to-run examples.
  • Standard PCs handle large meshes (several million elements).
  • Automatic calculations of power dissipation in regions and real and displacement current from surfaces.
  • Extensive plots include equipotential contours, three-dimensional potential plots, and color-coded element plots of electrical field and current density.
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all installed Windows print devices (including color printers).
  • Interactive point-and- click analysis of solutions.


Price list
PAC 5.0 (requieres Mesh 5.0) 890,00

2004, Aertia, S.L.