PerMag 5.0

by Field Precision, Inc.

Two-dimensional magnetostatics with non-linear magnetic materials, permanent magnets, and anisotropic materials.

Permag (Ver. 5.0) is an advanced solution package for the design of permanent magnet devices. The program calculates static magnetic fields for any geometry with planar or cylindrical symmetry. Permag can perform combined runs with permanent magnets, coils and ferromagnetic materials. With its open data structure, the program handles all permanent magnet materials, including non-linear materials like Alnico. A concise users' manual reviews magnetostatic theory with anisotropic materials and numerical methods for field solutions. The included PerView postprocessor crates a variety of plots. Analysis capabilities include automatic determination of field energy, forces and induced current for inductance calculations. (Available for Linux and Windows. Mesh 5.0 required.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with walkthrough examples.
  • Standard PCs handle large meshes (several million elements).
  • Extensive plots include field lines, three-dimensional and color-coded element plots of |B| and magnetic permeability.
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all Windows print devices (including color printers).
  • Library of material specifications and practical application examples on disk.
  • Interactive point-and- click analysis of solutions. Option to record results from an analysis session.
  • New solution techniques to resolve microscopic details in large structures.
  • Formatted text output files make it easy to transfer information to user applications or to mathematical analysis programs.


Price list
PerMag 5.0 990,00

2004, Aertia, S.L.