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Product type: Application • Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics • Vendor: Dynaflow
  2DFLOW is a Microsoft Windows based program for visualizing flows induced by distributions of vortices, dipoles, and sources.
2. Allinea DDT
Product type: Application • Category: Helping Programming Tools • Vendor: Allinea
  Comprehensive graphical debugger designed for the complex task of debugging parallel code. It has a unique and intuitive graphical interface that puts you in control of your parallel application, whether you are working with 4 processes on a workstation or 1024 processes across a high-performance cluster.
3. Altia Connections -Simulation Graphics-
Product type: Application • Category: Embedded Systems • Vendor: Altia
  Altia Connections are modules that connect your virtual prototypes, simulation graphics and embedded GUIs built with Altia Design to your own application code or simulation models.
4. Altia Design (Virtual Prototyping)
Product type: Application • Category: Embedded Systems • Vendor: Altia
  Altia Design is an authoring environment used to build custom interactive graphics, reusable user interface objects, virtual product prototypes and deployable embedded GUIs.
5. Amperes
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Integrated Engineering Software
  AMPERES is an easy-to-use 3D magnetic field solver for applications like clutches, solenoids, motors, sensors, actuators, loudspeakers, transformers, magnetic shielding, circuit breakers and fuel injectors. Fast and accurate, AMPERES calculates force, torque, flux linkage and inductance.
6. Analyze Xlerator
Product type: Application • Category: LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) • Vendor: Labtronics
  Analyze XLerator combines the power of Excel® with an easy to use instrument interface and database communications engine to automate any analytical procedure that uses RS232 or TCP/IP instruments, including ASTM and EPA Standard Methods or custom analysis procedures.
7. Aphelion
Product type: Application • Category: Image processing and analysis • Vendor: Adcis
  The Aphelion imaging software product provides the broadest range of computer vision tools for 2D and 3D images, including hundreds of image processing functions, a state-of-the-art morphology library, and recognition classifiers, all available from a user-friendly interface or as ActiveX components.
8. Aphelion Vision Tutor
Product type: Application • Category: Image processing and analysis • Vendor: Adcis
  The VisionTutor? computer vision course is a combined theoretical and laboratory package designed as an introductory course in Image Processing and Image Understanding.
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: IRAI
  AUTOMGEN is a workshop for automation, 2D/3D process simulation, and pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical simulation.
10. B2 Logic v3
Product type: Application • Category: Electrical Engineering - EDA • Vendor: Beige Bag Software
  Now digital circuit design is a snap with B2 Logic. Select from hundreds of parts from a wide variety of families to build your circuit. Run the interactive simulation and test it by placing probes. As the simulation progresses, the signal values change in the probes in the circuit, as well as in a timing diagram and in a spreadsheet.

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