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9 products found within the sector: Real-Time systems.

1. Altia Connections -Simulation Graphics-
Product type: Application • Category: Embedded Systems • Vendor: Altia
  Altia Connections are modules that connect your virtual prototypes, simulation graphics and embedded GUIs built with Altia Design to your own application code or simulation models.
2. Altia Design (Virtual Prototyping)
Product type: Application • Category: Embedded Systems • Vendor: Altia
  Altia Design is an authoring environment used to build custom interactive graphics, reusable user interface objects, virtual product prototypes and deployable embedded GUIs.
3. Aphelion Frame Grabber Interface
Product type: Application • Category: Image processing and analysis • Vendor: Adcis
  A broad range of software drivers for popular image acquisition systems is available for the Aphelion? System. These optional drivers enable users to capture live images controlling that process with the Aphelion? software environment.
4. CodeWarrior? Development Tools for Windows«, v9
Product type: Application • Category: Development Tools • Vendor: Metrowerks
  Industry's Leading ANSI/ISO C/C++ compiler
5. Control System Explorer
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: Harmonic Software
  Control System Explorer is a GUI-based environment for analyzing and investigating control systems. The interface is completely interactive providing a complete analysis solution without any programming, scripting, or additional development tools.
Product type: Application • Category: Scientific and technical libraries • Vendor: Ancad
  Advanced 2D/3D visualization. Instant visualization. Movie-like presentation. Real-time animation. Matlab-like syntax.
7. NWA Quality Analyst Web Server
Product type: Application • Category: Quality control • Vendor: Northwest Analytical
  Quality Analyst Web Server allows you to coordinate, standardize, and speed process reporting throughout the plant, enterprise, and supply chain. With Quality Analyst Web Server, you can instantly distribute your most current SPC charts to anyone, anywhere with a Web browser.
8. NWA Quality Monitor Supervisor
Product type: Application • Category: Statistical process control (SPC) • Vendor: Northwest Analytical
  Quality Monitor Supervisor creates a single, unified view into multiple plant-floor data-collection workstations. It lets you remotely motinor the status and set up visual alarms and on-demand SPC charts to keep you on top of your current plant-floor conditions.
9. TCP-Wedge
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: TAL Technologies
  TCP-Wedge for TCP/IP data collection and communication directly into any Windows application. Collect data from instruments connected directly to an intranet or the Internet directly into Excel, Access, FoxPro, etc. Full support for 2-way I/O allows you to both send and receive data over a TCP/IP port directly from within any Windows program.