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Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Visual Numerics
  PV-WAVE® is an array based programming language used to build and deploy Visual Data Analysis applications. These applications let users manipulate and visualize simple to extremely complex datasets to detect and display patterns, trends, anomalies and other vital information that would otherwise be overlooked in their data.
22. ROV Risk Modeler
Product type: Application • Category: Statistics • Vendor: Real Options Valuation
  ROV Risk Modeler is a comprehensive software suite, that takes the risk analysis modeling, simulation and optimization outside of Excel and into the database environment, to allow the whole process automation and work with very large datasets.
23. Structural Dynamics Toolbox
Product type: Library • Category: MATLAB Solutions • Vendor: SDTools
  The Structural Dynamics Toolbox (SDT) enhances MATLAB® core capabilities in controls and signal processing through extensions linked to general 3-D finite element modelling, experimental modal analysis and test/analysis correlation.
24. TCP-Wedge
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: TAL Technologies
  TCP-Wedge for TCP/IP data collection and communication directly into any Windows application. Collect data from instruments connected directly to an intranet or the Internet directly into Excel, Access, FoxPro, etc. Full support for 2-way I/O allows you to both send and receive data over a TCP/IP port directly from within any Windows program.
25. Tecplot 10
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Tecplot
  Plot and animate all your simulation and experimental data exactly the way you want. Arrange multiple XY, 2 and 3D plots in one layout, automate plotting tasks, and present your results with brilliant, high-quality output.
26. VisiQuest
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Accusoft
  VisiQuest is a Visual Framework for science and technology designed to provide researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators with a faster way to reach discovery in the fields of data and image analysis. Use VisiQuest to rapidly develop algorithms, create compelling visualizations, and collaborate with colleagues. You can even integrate MATLAB code to visually and interactively work with M-files.
27. WinWedge
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: TAL Technologies
  WinWedge is a serial data acquisition and instrument interface software. It allows you to collect data from Scales and Balances, Gages, pH Meters, Meters, Laboratory Instruments, Sensors, Densitometers, GPS Receivers, Barcode Scanners, Telephone Systems, etc... any RS232 instrument or device. Input real-time RS232 data directly into MS Excel, Access, LIMS, MMIs, Statistical and Math software, VB, etc.

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