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AutoVue Professional

de Cimmetry Systems

AutoVue Professional permite a los usuarios crear anotaciones y marcaciones en los documentos y guardarlas como ficheros de marcación.

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Accessing the content of documents regardless of their format is an invaluable capability. More valuable still is the power to augment content - to add notes, observations, instructions, and references, as well as link to other documents. Beyond the viewing capabilities that AutoVue provides, AutoVue Professional enables users to markup/annotate documents and save these annotations as markup files.

The AutoVue Professional viewer software is available in both Desktop and Client-Server Editions. The features and format support are virtually identical for both platforms. To learn more about the benefits and architecture of our Client-Server Editions, Click Here.

Markups are separate files which are linked to their associated documents. They can be stored on a local drive, network drive, or on a Web server (or other remotely accessed server), making them available to other connected users. This is an invaluable asset, greatly facilitating communication and collaboration between team members. Any viewable document can be annotated to implement collaborative content creation, change requests, ECOs, and other revision and versioning functions.

Organizations can combine AutoVue Professional's Viewing and Markup capabilities with Cimmetry's Web technology, optimizing the value of their corporate intranets or extranets. Incorporating these leading technologies can transform an intranet into a highly tuned, efficient, and manageable channel to internally distribute vital business information. In the same way, corporate extranets can be put to use plugging customers and suppliers into the information loop, while maintaining data security.


AutoVue Professional users work in either view mode, or markup mode. Both AutoVue and AutoVue Professional's View modes provide the same viewing, printing, and conversion capabilities. View mode is the default mode for both products. AutoVue Professional Markup mode is accessed from the File menu or the tool bar and implements the following extensive and comprehensive set of capabilities:
  • Save markups independently of the document they are associated with, to preserve the integrity of the original information
  • Save markups to different markup file types, to better manage markup files and information they contain
  • Create multiple markup files for any document
  • Define multiple markup layers, per markup file
  • Load several markup files at once, or selectively, and set which markup file or layer will be active
  • Export markup files to the DXF format for easy merging with CAD drawings
  • E-mail documents and their related markups to colleagues, other workgroup members, clients, suppliers, or others
  • Print documents with or without their related markups
  • Notify suppliers / colleagues of new / changed information in markup files with the click of a button
  • Comprehensive selection of markup entities, line, shape, graphical and textual markup entities, as well as OLE objects
  • Drag-and-drop position markup entities
  • Point-and-click edit and resize markup entities
  • In-place editing of markup entity properties, such as line weight, style and color; text font, size and color; text strings and captions
  • Rubber-banding feature for grouping entities
  • Support for AutoText, in-place type and edit text within any markup entity
  • Multiple Undo / Redo
  • Turn markup layers on and off as needed
  • Integral fully-featured Sticky Note Editor: import and export content, with a full complement of text attributes, paragraph formatting, and clip-board functions
  • Organize symbol markup entities in symbol libraries. Browse, preview, and drag-and-drop symbols from libraries onto the active markup layer. All graphical formats supported by AutoVue can be imported into existing or new symbol libraries
  • Create hot spots with hyperlinks to other documents, applications, script files, DDE servers, or DLLs
  • Support for standalone and attached sticky notes and hyperlinks
  • Interactive on-screen smart measurements for lines, polylines and areas; values automatically recalculate as entities resize
  • Measurements, including dimensioning arrows, can be transferred to the active markup layer with the click of a button
  • Accurate measurement by first calibrating to the scale of the drawing
  • Support for User Defined markup Entities: third party developers can expand the set of markup entities available, adding new entities which will still be compatible with Cimmetry's markup format
  • Consolidate markup files for simplified management or archiving purposes
  • Indispensable view mode features, such as zoom, pan, rotate, flip, bird's eye view, magnifying glass, and magnifying window


AutoVue Professional's comprehensive, rich set of markup entities will help you communicate change requests, comments, observations, and instructions effectively and efficiently. You will be able to precisely shape all of your messages using AutoVue Professional's powerful, easy-to-use, and fully flexible entities.

You will be able to pull diverse information in from various sources to present in whatever forms best meet your needs. AutoVue Professional users can intuitively manipulate entities placed on the active markup layer. It's ease of use will help minimize training costs, diminish end-user support costs, as well as boost your productivity.

AutoVue Professional's markup entities include:
  • Arc - draws an arc
  • Box - draws an outlined box
  • Circle - draws an outlined circle
  • Cloud - draws a closed multi-lobed cloud shape
  • Filled Box - draws an opaque filled box
  • Freestyle Draw - a continuous irregular line follows the path of the cursor
  • Highlight - draws a transparent filled polygon in the current selected color
  • Leader - draws an arrowhead connected to a polyline
  • Line - draws a straight line
  • Polyline - draws a broken multi-segmented line, composed of two or more connected straight lines.
  • Text - creates text directly viewable on the loaded document.
  • Note - creates a clickable icon which opens an editor. Longer texts can be entered, stored, and read in the editor, without otherwise obscuring the document
  • Symbol - inserts a symbol from a symbol library.
  • OLE - inserts an OLE object (from the set of OLE objects available by the applications installed on the user's computer).
  • Hyperlink - creates a hot spot icon at the selected position on the viewed document. When double-clicked this activates a link to another document or application.


short text appearing on the viewed document is often all that's needed; but there are situations where more information must be communicated. AutoVue Professional's sticky note feature cuts out screen clutter, and avoids obscuring the underlying document. Instead, you will be able to attach a sticky note to your document, which operates a hyperlink within an icon. Double-click the icon to open an editing window where you can enter text at the keyboard, or by importing it. The sticky note can contain any quantity of text and / or graphics - there are no limitations!

You can also export the contents of a sticky note to an external file. The sticky note editor supports page setup, print preview, printing of the sticky note, text attributes, paragraph formatting, TrueType fonts, and the Windows clipboard.


With Cimmetry Systems' powerful hyperlinking technology, users can organize documents into logical sets containing related information, then navigate those sets of documents at will. Users can establish Hyperlinks directly from the user interface, and define them within dialog boxes which pop up and lead users through all steps. A viewed document can host any number of links.

Hyperlinks may also be used to launch other applications; to execute a script in an AutoVue script file; to carry on a DDE conversation; or to execute a function in a DLL.

The user creates a hyperlink by positioning a dedicated icon over the portion of the viewed document to which information will be linked, or by selecting a markup entity and converting it into a hot spot. A hyperlink is activated by double-clicking the icon that represents it or by double-clicking the hot spot attached to it.

AutoVue Professional provides all necessary facilities for navigating and managing hyperlinks as well. For example, existing hyperlink definitions may be edited. There are also functions for breaking links, firing them, listing all the links connected to the viewed document; displaying a history of the traversed links, jumping back to a previous link, and jumping back to the first link in the chain.


While the AutoVue product's regular markup files are a powerful tool for collaborative work, anyone viewing them is able to edit them. Some circumstances require another type of markup file. AutoVue Professional recognizes several special types of markup files, and provides specific facilities for their management.

For example, it may be of key importance that users convey and share information, without risk of accidental or deliberate change. AutoVue Professional allows markup files to be saved as read-only, restricting the file's editing capabilities exclusively to it's author.

Critical information can be presented using AutoVue Professional's master markup feature. First a master markup file is designated for a given document; AutoVue Professional will automatically load this whenever the related document is opened for viewing by other non-author users. Here again, only the author of the master markup file will have editing privileges for that file.

AutoVue Professional's markup consolidation feature simplifies markup file management. It centralizes change requests, comments and instructions from workgroup members; and saves disk space. Users are able to selectively combine two or more markup files associated with any given document into a single file, which would contain all of the chosen markups.

The markup migration feature is currently available when AutoVue Professional is integrated with certain document management systems. This allows designated markup files to be linked to new versions of the document to which they were originally attached.

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