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Citation es un potente sistema de base de datos que le permitirá gestionar eficientemente las tareas asociadas al tratamiento y escritura de sus datos de investigación: organización de notas, fuentes documentales, etc.

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Citation is a powerful and easy to use bibliographic database system and notes organizer for research writing.

Citation provides academic writers with a system for entering references as records in a database program, on "notecard-like" forms, rather than as formatted footnotes or full bibliographic cites prepared according to a style guide. Once the records are in a Citation database, you'll be able to generate citations in any style you need, instantly (Citation lets you choose from over 1,000 predefined formats for your references). If you need to prepare your paper with references in a different style, you can reformat the citations by rerunning Citation. It's that easy.

LegalCitation is similar to Citation but specializes in organizing and formatting legal citations.

Enter a bibliographic record for everything you read.
Whenever you read a potential source work, enter a bibliographic record for the work. Citation provides you with notecard-like forms, specifically made for different types of source works, to make sure you enter all the information you will need on the article, book, essay, case, or other authority for a proper reference. Include a few keywords to help you retrieve all the works on subjects of interest for your work, and an abstract that summarizes the significance of the source for your research.

Enter research notes as you read.
When you encounter a passage or excerpt that either capsulizes the source work's position on an issue, summarizes a contribution to a research area, or illustrates a critical concept you want to address in your paper -- enter a note record. Link the note to the bibliographic record with the Author's last name, the year the work was published, and the page/paragraph where the passage can be relocated. Include a few keywords that indicate the relationship of the excerpt to your research interests. You can enter your comments on the excerpt along with the excerpt itself.

Write, Click, Cite.
Now, when you are ready to write, you'll find that you can easily review your notes on any of the issues you need to address, and cite any of the works you've read, in just about any style required (Citation supports 1000+ styles for references), with a click. You'll also be able to browse through all your notes on the issues you need to address: Citation lists all the keywords you've used, and lets you easily find all the records in which you've used that keyword.

That's all there is to it.
Not a complicated system. Just an effective one: as you are reading and writing, Citation sits quietly on your word processor's Tools menu, helping you keep track of source works, and take organized, thorough research notes. During the writing process, Citation helps you locate the excerpts you need and writes your references with a click.

You will quickly find that using Citation in this way will free up valuable time for the real challenges of writing first rate papers. No more sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by stacks of (scribbled) notecards, wondering which ones are missing - or searching the library web site for a publisher name you forgot to jot down. You'll be able to group all of your notes on an issue instantly, and write your bibliographies with a click. In fact, once you start using Citation, you'll probably wonder how (and why!) you ever got along without it.
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