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f90VB es un conjunto de librerías Fortran que le proporcionan toda la funcionalidad necesaria a sus programas Fortan para disponer de acceso a objetos COM/ActiveX.

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f90VB is a set of four Fortran libraries that provide the functionality necessary for your Fortran programs to gain access to COM/ActiveX objects. In addition, you can use f90VB to call Visual Basic DLLs from your Fortran applications, or to create Fortran DLLs that are able to handle intrinsic Visual Basic data types (like VB's strings, arrays or variants). f90VB also includes TLView, a professional quality Type Library browser, that can be used as a tool to explore COM/ActiveX objects you are using from your Fortran applications.

In f90VB you'll find:
  • BStrings: BStrings are the strings used by Visual Basic and COM/ActiveX objects. This library includes all the functions and subroutines your Fortran programs need to handle BStrings, Multibyte Character (MBC) and OLE (Unicode) strings in a natural way. Converting Fortran strings to BStrings or OLE Strings and back, is just a single function call away.
  • SafeArrays: SafeArrays are self describing arrays used by Visual Basic and COM/ActiveX objects. f90VB's SafeArrays library provides you will all the tools you need to efficiently create and manipulate Safe Arrays from Fortran. With our hand-crafted, meticulously optimized subroutines you can take advantage of Fortran optimized array operations to handle Safe Arrays.
  • Variants: Variants are self describing data types used by Visual Basic and COM/ActiveX objects. With f90VB's Variants Library handling Variants is a children's game.
  • Automation: Canaima Software's Automation Library gives you full access to COM/ActiveX objects that support automation (almost all the objects in the market do). Combined with the other f90VB libraries and our exclusive event handling objects, the Automation library lets you create Automation controllers in Fortran almost as easy as with Visual Basic. Imagine being able to add, format data, create custom graphics, or even run scripts in a spreadsheets from your Fortran applications. Or perhaps you just want to use Visual Basic to create a nice GUI for your Fortran projects. This and much more can be done easily with this library.
  • TLView: TLview is a utility you can use to obtain an organized view of the properties and methods supported by COM/ActiveX objects. But TLView is much more than this, TLView is a full-fledged Type Library browser. In fact, modesty apart, we think it is the best and more detailed type library browser in the market today.

Features of f90VB

f90VB has more than 650 functions and subroutines. Each one has been carefully hand-coded to squeeze every single drop of performance out of the available resources. To reduce the learning curve for f90VB and to make the easy to use from Fortran, most of these subroutines have been overloaded into about 150 end-user procedures.

In addition to the Reference Manual explaining in detail the behavior and arguments of each procedure, f90VB includes a User manual, with almost 200 pages describing the fundamental concepts to understand the technologies involved. Both the Reference Manual and the User Manual have copious amounts of examples, all of which are also described in detail. The examples illustrate topics like creating Fortran controllers for Excel Spreadsheets, and Fortran-VB mixed language programming.

And of course, f90VB was developed and is supported by Canaima Software. We have carved a name in the Fortran community based on the quality of our products and our timely and qualified user support.

f90VB System Requirements and Compiler-Compatibility


f90VB works on Intel-based computers (and compatible) running Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT/200. f90VB will not work with Windows 3.x.

Supported Compilers:

  • Compaq (Digital) Visual Fortran (ver. 5.0, 6.0 and higher)
  • Absoft Pro-Fortran (ver. 5.0, 6.0 and higher)
  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (LF95 ver. 5.0 and higher) and Lahey's LF95 Express (ver. 5.5 and higher).

Additional Requirements:

You need the latest verion of OLE (OLE-2) installed in your system.

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