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f90SQL proporciona conexiones de alto rendimiento y prestaciones a bases de datos ODBC desde el lenguaje de programacion Fortran.

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f90SQL is a library of functions and subroutines that work as an interface between your Fortran programs and Microsoft Windows Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) API.

f90SQL offers a convenient and familiar way to directly read and write data from your Fortran programs to many applications formats. Your options are basically unlimited. As long as the application offers an ODBC interface to its data files (almost all DBMS in the market today do), using f90SQL you can read/write data to the native application's format from your Fortran programs.

f90SQL Features

There are many reasons why f90SQL stands out as the best tool for database connectivity for Fortran:

  • f90SQL is based on an established standard (X-Open/ODBC). This gives you the peace of mind that your applications are standard-conforming.
  • Your f90SQL-Fortran applications are portable among compilers. f90SQL library calls are the same for all supported compilers. You won't have to change a line of code if you move to a different compiler vendor. Can you do the same with embedded SQL?
  • Your f90SQL-Fortran applications are database interoperable. If you move your data to a different database, you don't need to change, or even recompile, your old Fortran code. Embedded SQL will tie your organization to a single database vendor.
  • f90SQL is FAST!. f90SQL is a thin layer between your Fortran application and the ODBC driver of the database where your data resides. ODBC is the fastest way to get to your data, in any programming language!.
  • f90SQL has a very small memory footprint.
  • Compiler-level syntax and argument checking. f90SQL is strongly-typed, with explicit interfaces to all its functions and subroutines. This alone will save you many hours of frustration and debugging.
  • With f90SQL you don't need to deal with pointers, C interfaces, C strings or variables, so common in Windows-style APIs. You just call normal, plain, Fortran subroutines.
  • Canaima Software has one of the best support groups in the industry, and we are committed to keep it this way.
  • There is a version of f90SQL to fit your needs:

    • f90SQL-lite: Suitable for most small jobs that need access to databases or spreadsheets.
    • f90SQL-pro: Our production-strength library. Suitable for any-size jobs and highly optimized for performance. It also includes the f90SQL Wizard, a RAD tool that allows you to write Fprtran applications to access your databases in less than 10 minutes.

f90SQL System Requirements and Compiler-Compatibility


f90SQL works on Intel-based computers (and compatible) running Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. f90SQL will not work with Windows 3.x.

Supported Compilers:

  • Compaq (Digital) Visual Fortran (ver. 5.0, 6.0 and higher)
  • Absoft Pro-Fortran (ver. 5.0, 6.0 and higher)
  • Lahey Fortran 90 (LF90 ver. 4.5 and higher)
  • Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95 (LF95 ver. 5.0 and higher) and Lahey's LF95 Express (ver. 5.5 and higher).
  • Salford Fortran 95 (FTN95 ver. 1.32 and higher)

Supported databases:

Almost all DBMS in the market today have an ODBC interface. The level of functionality offered through this interface varies from one database to the other. There are also third-party vendors of ODBC drivers.

Additional Requirements:

You need the ODBC drivers for the specific database you want to access. These drivers are usually provided by the database vendor and installed in your system with the database software. There are also third-party vendors of ODBC drivers, and some companies sell development tools to develop ODBC drivers for customs file systems.

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