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de asKSam Systems

askSam es una base de datos que actualmente es utilizada por investigadores, estudiantes, profesores, empresas, etc. en todo el mundo como herramienta que les permite organizar y clasificar grandes cantidades de información.

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Take Control with askSam
Suffering from information overload? Don't worry, askSam will help you turn your information into a valuable asset. askSam is a different kind of database - a database designed for users rather than programmers. Try askSam and see how easy it is to organize your information.

Import Email into askSam. Create archives and turn them into knowledgebases.

Lightning Fast Searches
Once your information is in askSam, you're ready to search. Not only can you search on the contents of fields, but you can search on free-form text. askSam offers a wider variety of searches than any other database program and some of the fastest and most powerful searches you'll find anywhere.
askSam supports the following types of searches:
  • Full-text searches for any word or phrase
  • Wildcard searches with * and ?
  • Boolean searches (AND, OR, and NOT)
  • Proximity searches
  • Numeric searches (>, <, >=, <=, <>)
  • Date searches
  • Fuzzy searches
  • Search through multiple askSam databases
  • Case sensitive searches
"I've used a lot of different tools for searching, but I've yet to find anything that approaches the depth, variety, strength, and sophistication of the search tools that askSam provides."
- Rick Gates - Database Magazine

Easy to Design Databases Forms

Setting up structured database is a breeze with askSam. You simply use the Entry Form Wizard to set up your form. askSam Entry Forms are flexible and easy. Type in names for your fields and you're ready to go.

When you add a document simply fill out the fields. askSam fields can automatically expand making room for all your information. It doesn't matter whether you enter an extra word, sentence, paragraph, or 100 pages of text. askSam can easily handle it. This makes askSam ideal for storing notes, transcripts, and other textual information. Just type (or import) the information, and you can search for anything.

Using askSam's report writer you can easily create useful reports from all types of information. By clicking on an item in the report output you return to the appropriate document.

Organize Information with Hypertext
Use Hypertext Links to turn your information into a fully searchable, easily navigable database. Hypertext lets you link a word or phrase to information in another location. By simply clicking on a Hypertext Link you can jump from one Document to another; jump from one file to another, run reports, execute any menu command, or go anywhere on the Internet. It's a great way to publish information on a network, a CD ROM (using the askSam Electronic Publisher), or the Internet (using the askSam Web Publisher)

Publishing Databases on the Internet
The askSam Web Publisher makes it easy to publish your askSam databases on the Web. The Web Publisher lets users view, search, and navigate through your askSam databases using a Web browser. No need to convert information to HTML, the Web Publisher automatically makes your information available on the Internet.

"askSam is the fastest and easiest way I know to make data accessible on the Web."
- Wes Thomas - Web Developer Magazine

Using askSam it's easy to publish your information on the Web. askSam website is powered by askSam databases.

"Whether your information is simple, structured, or random, askSam provides an easy way to stash it and an easy way to find it again. Best of all, since it behaves like a word processor, you won't spend weeks learning to use it."
- PC Computing

Collect Information from Anywhere
You are now able to access more information than ever before - on the Internet, via email, on CD-ROMS, or in files on your hard drive. askSam lets you turn this information into searchable databases.

You can type information directly into askSam, or you can import information from a wide variety of sources including:
  • Adobe PDF Files
  • Text files
  • RTF files
  • HTML files
  • Word processing documents (Microsoft Word and WordPerfect)
  • Email messages (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, PocoMail, Netscape etc.)
  • Databases (Microsoft Access, dBASE, Paradox, ODBC)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Comma-delimited, Tab-delimited, and Fixed-position data
askSam can also import documents scanned using an OCR application.

Turn Texts into Databases
askSam's Automatic Field Recognition enables you to turn information into an instant database. askSam can automatically identify words that provide structure in your information and use these words as fields. For example, email messages often contains words like "To:", "From:", "Date:", and "Subject:" askSam lets you automatically use these words as fields. You can search, sort, and even create reports using these words as fields.

Information is valuable only if you can find it when you need it. askSam offers a wider variety of searches than any other database program.

"And the best part: If you're entering information later and discover you didn't leave enough room in one part of the screen, it only takes a touch of a key to change it. You can completely change your database in midstream without any ill effects on the rest of the information you've already typed."
- Heather Newman - The Tennessean

Creating Your Own Reports
No programming is necessary to create great looking reports. Simply use askSam's built in Report Writer to drag and drop field names to the desired position on the screen. An askSam report can be as simple as a sorted list of names and telephone numbers, or it can contain grouped fields, field totals, and summaries. You can even include memo fields in a report.

"Frequent users will appreciate how easy it is to design reports from askSam files. Laying out a report is as simple as dragging and dropping different bits of information onto the page... This action would take some serious scripting in normal database programs, but it's a push of a button in askSam. And every report is a live summary, which means if you want more detail on an item, a double-click will take you right to the document it came from."
- Heather Newman - The Tennessean

Sharing Databases on a Network
The network version of askSam allows multiple users to simultaneously add, edit, and search in askSam databases. With the network version you can make information available to all users on a network - customer databases, marketing information, policy manuals, phone messages, and more.

askSam Professional - The Fastest
askSam is available in two versions: the Standard version and the Professional version. askSam Professional includes all the features of the Standard version and adds full-text indexing to give you lightning-fast searches. askSam Professional is ideal for large databases - it lets you instantly search through hundreds of megabytes and thousands of documents.
The askSam Difference
askSam is not a traditional database. It's a whole new way to manage information. Traditional databases are designed to handle structured data. They require you to pre-define a structure and force you to shoe-horn your information into this structure.
  • askSam requires no predefined structure or field lengths.
  • askSam is easy to use. You can search without learning a query language. You can create reports without programming.
  • askSam is flexible. You can combine both free-form and fielded information in the database.
Try askSam and see how easy it is to organize your information.

"A fluid and flexible software that frees you from the constraints of traditional databases."
- Writers Digest
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