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de Capvidia

FlowVision es una nueva generación de sistemas de simulación para la resolución práctica de problemas CFD. Su exclusiva aproximación a la resolución de grids proporciona un enlace natural entre la geometría CAD y el mallado propio de aplicaciones de elementos finitos.

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FlowVision is a new generation simulation system for solving practical CFD problems. The modern C++ implementation offers modularity and flexibility allowing addressing the most complex CFD areas. Unique approach to grid generation (geometry fitted sub-grid-resolution) provides natural link with CAD geometry and FE mesh. The ABAQUS integration through Multi-Physics-Manager supports the most complex fluid-structure-interaction (e.g. hydroplaning simulation of automotive tire).

The hybrid modeling concept provides possibility to use multiple solvers (in different parts of the simulation domain) to fast obtain the most reliable simulation results.

Application Areas

Automotive manufacturing
  • car aerodynamics
  • heating, ventilation & air conditioning
  • engine cooling
  • design of combustion chamber (mixing fuel and air)
  • gas flow in cylinders and collectors


  • airplane, wing, engine air inlet aerodynamics
  • jet propulsion modeling
  • airplane take-off/ landing

Compressor design

  • calculating gas flow rates, temperature distribution and gas leakage
Heating, Ventilation & Conditioning (HVAC)
  • modeling temperature distribution
  • modeling air speed in rooms and houses
Hydro aviation
  • modeling air and water flow around fuselage
  • modeling take-off/ landing on water
Metal casting
  • mould filling with liquid metal
  • metal consolidation
  • modeling wafer sinking on the chuck
  • modeling clean-rooms ventilation
Nuclear power generation
  • heat and mass transfer in reactor block
  • circulation of heat-conducting medium
Power generation
  • modeling fuel combustion in boilers
  • modeling fuel and air mixing
  • calculating pressure drops in manifolds
Supersonic applications
  • modeling air flow around cruise missile
Space applications
  • supersonic air flow around rockets
  • gas flow in rocket engine
  • simulating jet propulsion influence on start platform
Ship building
  • modeling ship resistance in water
  • modeling ship gliding
  • modeling characteristics of propellers
  • modeling operating characteristics of compressors, pumps, turbines
  • acoustic pressure oscillations inside turbo-machinery


  • Automatic grid generation with dynamic adaptation (geometry, solution)
  • CAD repair / native format support
  • Drop & Simulate function
  • Modular object-oriented architecture (C++)
  • Finite Volume (implicit /explicit) high accuracy numerical scheme
  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction (link with Abaqus)
  • Free surface
  • Hybrid modelling (different models in sub-domains)
  • Moving and rotating bodies
  • Multiprocessor (cluster) solver
  • Multi-physics
  • Multi-phase and chemical reaction
  • Sub-grid geometry resolution (natural link with CAD and FEM)
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