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de Capvidia

FaceWorks contiene todas las herramientas necesarias para producir moldes de alta calidad desde el entorno de SolidWorks, incluyendo la creación de cavidades, núcleos, deslizadores, elevadores y subinserciones mediantes técnicas de modelado 3D y operaciones asociativas.

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FaceWorks provides powerful design tool that automate and simplify the most difficult and complex tasks in the mold design process in SolidWorks. It was specifically developed and tested with continous input from mold designers and manufacturers. Users benefit from standard SolidWorks functions complemented with specialized, easy-to-use tools that simplify the tool-making process dramatically and minimize costs and manufacturing times.

FaceWorks contains all the necessary tools to product high quality molds within the SolidWorks environment. The advanced modeling tools include: creation of cavities, cores, sliders, lifters and sub-inserts using 3D-solid modeling techniques and associative operations. FaceWorks performs the parting process on either a solid model or a sewn set of surfaces (skin) that do not form a solid.

Part Properities

  • Global dimensions
  • Volume, mass, surface area
  • Definable material density
  • Minimum curvature radius analysis

Draft Angle Analisys

  • User-defined pull direction
  • User-defined draft angle
  • Detection of undercuts and vertical areas
  • Automatic undercut elimination

Parting Line

  • Automatic parting line in generation
  • Grouping of inside and outside parting lines
  • Parting line ending
  • Manual parting line generation
  • Closing of multiple openings
    • 2D planar surface
    • 3D complex surface

Dynamic Animation

  • One direction mold opening
  • Multidirectional mold opening
  • Unassigned faces
  • Slide bar control

Parting Surface

  • One-step automatic surface generation on closed 3D contour:
    • 2.5D extrusion with direction control
    • 2.5 extrusion int wo directions
    • 3D rediate
  • Manual stepwise surface generation
    • 2.5D extrusion with direction control
    • 2.5 extrusion int wo directions
    • 3D rediate
    • sweep
  • Control of sharp angle shut-offs
  • Compare different parting surfaces

Shuts off

  • Telescoping openings
  • Complex openings


  • Automatic skin generation
  • Skin validity check
  • Selection of forming plate dimension and form
    • rectangular
    • cylindrical
  • Automatic creation of associative relation between model core and cavity
  • Updating the core and solid cavity model changes
  • Exploded view of mold assembly
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