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de Capvidia

FormatWorks amplía las capacidades de conversión de datos en SolidWorks para soportar ficheros CATIA v4 y v5 de forma nativa, así como otros formatos. Ofrece una traducción automática, precisa y fiable desde/hacia SolidWorks.

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FormatWorks simplifies the import process to SolidWorks. Automatic repair and healing ensures that foreign geometries meet the criteria set by SolidWorks to form valid solids. This repair is always performed within the model tolerance while maintaining original model integrity and preventing model deformation.

FormatWorks Workflow:

  • Data Import
  • Tolerance Control
  • Automatic Repair & Healing
  • Manual Repair
  • Geometry Check
  • Data Export

Import Formats
FormatWorks solves frustrating data incompatibility problems occurring furing the import of 3D models into SolidWorks. It seamlessly imports native data formats (CATIA V4, CATIA V5, P/E, etc.) and performs necessary repairs to form a valid model in SolidWorks.

FormatWorks 2006 imports those formats:

  • CATIA V5 up to R15
  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V4 2D drawings
  • Pro/E
  • IGES 6.0
  • VDA-FS
  • STEP
  • ACIS

Automatic Repair
The automatic repair includes identification and repair of over 60 typical data translation errors. FormatWorks repairs both geometry and topology using specialized sewing algorithms. Entities preventing the model to form a watertight solid are automatically detected. The automatic repairs are controlled and always performed within the original model tolerance, which prevents model deformation.

  • Geometry
    • Invalid curve parameterization
    • Gaps in composite curve
    • Dengenerative segments in poly-line
    • NURBS improving simplification of curves
    • Incorrect knots vector in the NURBS curve
  • Topology
    • Invalid edge vertices
    • Invalid loop orintation in Parametric Space (PS)
    • Missing loop definition in Model Space (MS)
    • Missing loop definition in PS
    • Invalid edge orientation
    • Lack of loop synchronization between MS and PS
    • Gaps in loop in MS, PS
    • Not closed loop in MS, PS
    • Self-crossing loop in PS
    • Missing outer loop in face definition
    • Wrong index of outer loop
    • Invalid loop orientation
    • Inconsistent face normal

Manual Repair
Manual repair has never been simpler. If necessary, FormatWorks will automatically provide you with the workflow to fix all problems originating in the CAD model. Defective entities are grouped in a project tree as a separate documents. All manual repair operations are intuitive and easy to use since they are completely integrated into SolidWorks. As a result, the user operates only on faulty parts and their neighbours instead of manipulating on the whole model or complex assembly.

FormatWorks provides proprietary functions to resolve geometric and topological problems that prevent you from forming a valid solid or surface model in SolidWorks. These functions are developed specifically to maintain the intent and quality of the automotive design.

  • Surface creation
  • Surface recreation
  • Surface merging
  • Surface trimming
  • Surface splitting

Export Formats
FormatWorks 2006 export formats:

  • CATIA V5
  • CATIA V4
  • IGES 6.0
  • IGES with CAD system flavor
  • VDA-FS
  • STEP
  • ACIS
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