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FEMLink ofrece una interfaz bidireccional entre MATLAB y varias aplicaciones de elementos finitos. Se utiliza para crear modelos FEM, postprocesar resultados de FE y gestionar conjuntos de medidas en el dominio de la frecuencia.

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FEMLink provides bidirectional interfaces with a number of finite element codes. These are used to build FEM, post-process FE results and manage sets of frequency domain measurements. Currently FEMLink cannot be run independently from SDT 5.2. Thus, you must be a SDT user to purchase FEMLink. The release rate for FEMLink is much faster than that for the base SDT and users submitting cases where the interface fails, typically get patches within a few days if not hours.

Interface supported:

  • Ansys: ans2sdt binary files for
    • model definition (nodes, elements),
    • element matrices (for use with upcom),
    • and finite element results.
  • Nastran: nasread and naswrite
    • Read/write BULK files: FE model, boundary conditions, constrains, materials, physical properties)
    • Read binary OUTPUT2 files: FE model, full and element matrices, displacements, stresses, ...) out-of-core element matrix manipulations.
    • Read and write binary OUTPUT4 files.
    • Drive NASTRAN from Matlab.
  • Ideas (and other software): ufread and ufwrite
    • Universal Files: experimental and FE datasets.
    • Specific datasets supported FEMLink:
      • 772, 788, 789, 2437: Physical Properties (MASS, SHELL, BEAM, SPRING)
      • 773: Material Properties
      • 780, 2412: Elements (beams, 2D and 3D elements, shells, springs, rigids ans bars)
      • 2414: Analysis data
      • 2432: Permanent Groups
  • Permas: perm2sdt PERMAS (> 7.0) files:
    • FE model and deformations

FEMLink requires SDT 5.2.

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