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de Sprut Technology

NCTuner ofrece un completo rango de herramientas para simular procesos en máquinas herramientas, controlar la calidad de forma visual y verificar los errores de un programa CNC antes de enviarlo a la máquina.

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NCTuner offers a full range of tools for realistic simulation of machining process, tuning and editing. NCTuner allows:

  • Simulate machining process
  • Visually control machining quality
  • Obtain a photo realistic image of the machined part
  • Eliminate errors in the NC program
  • Make all necessary changes to the NC program's text

NCTuner is the modern way of checking a CNC program for errors before sending the program to the machine. Errors in CNC programs can be very costly, in both time and money. Typical errors are simple typing errors, which can take even the most experienced CNC programmer quite some time to find and correct. This all means lost production time. Other errors can be even more costly, collisions between tools and fixtures, and possible gouging of a component can be very costly, especially if cutting a "one-off" component.

NCTuner can help solve these problems by allowing the solid simulation of the actual CNC code. This allows the component to be "virtually" machined, using the actual cutting tools for the operation, and remedial action to be taken on any problems encountered.

  • NC Tuner can accept NC code that has been produced manually, or, by a CAD/CAM system.
  • NC Tuner can be adapted to accept code from most modern CNC milling machines using the included postprocessor editor.
  • NC Tuner can simulate the Heidenhain Plain Language.

The NC simulation can be rapidly run through to just show the finished component, or the simulation can be run so that you actually see the machining process on screen. The simulation can even be run in "single step" mode so that every move can be analysed if required.

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