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Activault es un potente add-in para la gestión avanzada de archivos completamente integrado con el entorno SolidWorks. Permite la gestión centralizada de los archivos provenientes de diseños mecánicos, ensamblajes y dibujos 3D, así como su coordinación entre los ingenieros que trabajan sobre ellos de manera concurrente.

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Activault extends the functionality of SolidWorks. Design team collaboration has never been easier or more efficient from the central file vault, allowing for rapid file retrieval. Activault delivers the following powerful functionality.

File Check-out and Check-in
Design team collaboration has never been easier or more efficient from the central file vault, allowing for rapid file retrieval. The Activault vault management facility furnishes a simple method for check-out and check-in of the desired files, ensuring file integrity during concurrent user access. With Activault, users may see whom has a file checked out with version control. And, Activault provides an easy to use graphical user interface, delivering a superior archival management software solution for SolidWorks.

Multi-User File Management
With Activault, users benefit from the centralized management of files generated from SolidWorks three-dimensional mechanicals, assemblies, and drawings. Activault meets the challenge of coordinating file management among engineers working on the same assemblies concurrently.

Central File Vault Control
Activault provides a secure working environment to eliminate the risk of lost or overwritten files generated from hundreds of interrelated files and countless file versions created during the product life cycle. Activault vault management gives engineering teams and individual users a seamless CAD engineering environment where desired files are available from the central file server.

Version Control and Viewing
Users may access files based on version dates or a version tag. Activault allows properties to be assigned to files that provide simple identification and retrieval. Activault tracks the version and file use to eliminate corrupted files among engineering workgroups.

File History Management
Activault keeps a complete history of all files with information on original creation, change orders, assembly usage, obsolesce or revision. A complete history is available by user check-out/check-in.

Old/New Version Views
Version history tracks files and where those parts were previously used. Prior assemblies, parts, or drawings may be viewed and accessed for any file version, since Activault maintains a complete history of all related files regardless of the number of changes over the life of the components.

File Attribute Track and Search
Activault has an extensive reach into the file structure of any project through attribute management. Users can label a file with a tag to identify creation or revision information. Further, Activault allows up to seven attributes per file.

Client-Server, Windows Native application
The consistent look and feel of Microsoft Windows allows users to get up and running quickly. Navigation and menus are both intuitive and powerful. Online help provides extensive support for new and experienced users. Import and export across the client-server architecture is extremely efficient thanks to the central file storage and easy to understand command structure.

Easy Install and implementation
Activault is a simple add-in to the standard SolidWorks environment. Most users can be trained in less than 5 minutes. SolidWorks pull-down menus now display Activault commands and shortcut menus with a simple mouse click. Design team collaboration has never been easier!

Design team collaboration has never been easier or more efficient with Activault extensive file management capabilities to assign file attributes, label files, display version history, and reference specific assembly versions.

Bottom-line... Activault is the fastest most effective way for design teams to collaborate on projects to share files, control changes, view prior versions of parts and related assemblies, and distribute information across multi-user computing architectures.

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